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Board Meetings
Board Meeting Highlights

March 03, 1998

•     Connie Lou Spear
Last year in Anne Grieve's Intermediate Art class at Arran-Tara Elementary School, Annie entered a competition to design a new compact disk cover for the production of "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" in the Classical Kids series. Annie's design was selected as the first prize winner.
•     Carling Marshall
Shirley Bieman challenged her music class at W.E. Thompson Public School to enter the Classical Kids Fine Art Contest last year. Carling entered the competition and designed a new compact disk cover for the production of "Tchaikovsky Discovers America". Carling's design was selected as the first prize winner.

Appointment of Trustee
Norene Pilkington was appointed as trustee representative for the Owen Sound area. Norene was sworn in as a trustee of The Bluewater District School Board.

Personnel Report
Personnel Report #5 was approved by the Board.

Joint Occupational Health and Safety, Report #18
The Board received Report #18 including the minutes of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Secondary School Reform
Doug Cumming updated the Board on the February 26, 1998 information and Training Session held in Barrie. Ten staff members from The Bluewater District School Board attended this session and participated in an interactive session entitled Ontario's New High School System. The seven priorities in the new system are:
•     Streamed Courses beginning in Grade 9
•     Diploma Requirements with an increase from 16 to 18 compulsory courses
•     Mandatory Community Involvement
•     Literacy Test
•     Prior Learning Assessment
•     Teacher-Advisory Program
•     Expanded Co-operative Education and School-to-Work Programs

Application for Teacher Educational Exchange
The Board approved the request of Mary Lou Beford to make application for an Educational Exchange.
Policy Report
The Policy statement related to Emergency Procedure - Bruce Nuclear Power Development was approved.
The following statement related to Outdoor Education was approved:
Whereas a healthy environment is vital to the future of humanity, The Bluewater District School Board is committed to provide continuous opportunities for all students to develop environmental awareness through ongoing outdoor experiential learning.
The Bluewater District School Board will provide leadership in assisting students to become responsible citizens in the life of the local, national and global communities through stewardship of and advocacy for the environment.
The Board recognizes this commitment to the future of our students and our planet by providing such necessary support as funding and personnel.

•     A letter was received from David Johnson, Minister of Education and Training regarding School Board Transition Funds. There was consensus that Senior Administration should prepare an application for these funds including a historical review.
•     Communication from Ontario Hydro regarding the 1998 Community Impact Grant was referred to the Business Committee.
Peter Middleton, Principal of the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies, extended an invitation to trustees and student trustees to visit the Institute.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998, Education Centre, Chesley

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