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Board Meetings
Board Meeting Highlights

March 24, 1998

Paul Martindale brought to the attention of the Board the following outstanding examples of excellence:
•     Saugeen District Secondary School Royals' Hockey Team have qualified for the All-Ontario Championship.
•     Honour Band Performance at Chesley D.H.S.
On March 12th the first Bluewater District School Board Music Showcase 1998 took place in the new gymnasium of the Chesley D.H.S. Ridley Gillmore, Vice-Principal of Saugeen D.S.S. was thanked for issuing the invitation that resulted in having 63 students from ten of the eleven secondary schools in the Bluewater DSB participating in a two-day honour band camp for instrumental music students.
•     John Hyde is a blind Grade 7 student at Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School. He was recognized for his excellent progress and personal contributions towards his own success. Also recognized were the team of people, both family and professionals, who support John in a myriad of ways, Jennifer Yenssen and Paul Martindale presented John with a letter of commendation.

The Board approved the following recommendations from the Committee subject to the 1998-99 funding formula:
1.      Extend the Core French program grades 1-8 in the elementary schools with a target date of September 1998.
2.      Where viable, French Immersion programs will be introduced in new locations with flexible delivery models.
3.      A teacher be seconded to a term position in order to provide central system support for Core French and French Immersion programs.

The Board received the report on the 1997 Grade Three Assessment. Principals are asked to share the report with School Councils and parents in general.

OSCVI Planning Committee
Doug Cumming reported on a meeting held on March 10, 1998, where the Committee's mandate was clarified.

Personnel Report
Personnel Report #6 was approved by the Board.

Staff Report on Committees
The Board approved the membership on Board Committees until December 31, 1998.

Revenue and Expenses
The Board approved the Revenue and Expenses Report for the two months ending February 28, 1998.

B.N.P.D. Impact Study
Warren Hoshizaki presented data that will allow staff to make some broad enrolment predictions regarding the impact of possible downsizing at BNPD. This information also assists school administration in understanding the staffing implications and the impact on students and their families. A more detailed analysis will be done after further Ontario Hydro announcements are made in early April.

Health and Safety
Ken Mann stated that several Boards were experiencing problems with toxic mould in their portables. The Board decided to conduct a study on all 91 portables in use in the Board. From samples collected, the Board decided to test 16 portables. Ten of the 16 portables tested positive, were closed, and students were moved to locations in the schools until a final report is available in about ten days.

1.      Thank You Note - Meghan Campbell, Ontario Scholar.
2.      Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario/Public School Teachers' Federation - designated bargaining agents for the two elementary teachers bargaining units in the Bluewater DSB #7.
3.      David Johnson, Minister of Education and Training - enclosing a copy of regulation regarding Principals and Vice-Principals: Redundancy and Reassignment.
4.      Lynn Scott, Chair, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board - seeking support of a resolution to the Minister of Education and Training expressing their support for full funding of Junior Kindergarten.
5.      Drew Namath, Ministry of Education and Training - providing information about the 1998 Facilities Renewal Program.

1.      Inspired by Nature Campaign (2)
2.      Antiracism Day - Wednesday, March 25, 1998.
3.      Trustee Visit (March 31) to The Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies.

Tuesday, April 07, 1998, Education Centre, Chesley

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