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Board Meetings
Board Meeting Highlights

September 08, 1998

Jennifer Yenssen, Chair, welcomed visitors and the Audio-Visual Technicians from the Education Centre. Student Trustees did not attend the Board meeting as it was their first day of school.

The following outstanding examples of excellence were presented:
•     The outstanding quality of school year-end reports.
•     Artwork on display in the Board Room from Amabel-Sauble Community School, John Diefenbaker Secondary School and Saugeen Valley Elementary School.
Janet Glasspool extended her thanks to all staff members for their contribution to a smooth opening day of school.

•     Appointment of Director of Education
Ron Motz stated that Janet Glasspool had been appointed as Director of Education of the Bluewater District School Board, effective June 30, 1998.
Janet Glasspool acknowledged Paul Martindale's many years of service to The Bruce County Board of Education and most recently Bluewater District School Board.
•     Terms and Conditions of Employment Effective September 8 - Elementary and Secondary
The following motion was approved by the Board:
THAT Bluewater District School Board approve the revised terms and conditions of employment of secondary teachers effective September 8, 1998.
An interim resolution for elementary teachers was reached through negotiations.

Policy Committee
Bluewater District School Board approved the Administrative Procedure for Communication Guidelines.
Bluewater District School Board referred the Policy and Administrative Procedure on Student Trustees to student trustees for their consideration of the representation of First Nations students.

Board By-Laws
The Board approved the removal of references to the position of "Associate Director" from Board By-Laws.

Special Education Advisory Committee
The Board appointed Isabel Millette as a member and Arlene Chegahno as an alternate member of the Special Education Advisory Committee for the term of the current Board.

Director's Report to the Board
Janet Glasspool presented a report on the achievement of the goals of the System Administrative Team from January to August 1998.

Field Trip - Chesley District High School
The Board approved the Chesley District High School field trip for OAC French students to Paris, France from March 12 to March 21, 1998.

First Day Enrolments
Mary Anne Alton and Warren Hoshizaki reviewed enrolment figures gathered for the first day of school.

Elementary Music Program
Mary Anne Alton outlined a report on elementary music programs. This report was in response to a parent delegation at the June 16, 1998 Board Meeting.

Registered Charity
The following motion was passed by the Board:
THAT the Board request a voluntary revocation of the designation of The Bruce County Board of Education Charitable Trust and The Grey County Board of Education Charitable Trust and that all assets and liabilities of the trusts be transferred and merged to the Bluewater District School Board.

Strategic Planning Process
Warren Hoshizaki described the Strategic Planning process undertaken by trustees and senior administration August 24. Input from schools and communities will be integrated in preparation of a first draft of a Bluewater Strategic Plan.

•     Ontario Hydro - update on Community Impact Grants.
•     Education Improvement Commission
a)      Enclosing the order of the EIC in the matter of the Transfer of Assets and Liabilities from Bluewater District School Board to le Conseil scolaire de district du Centre Sud-Ouest.
b)      Notification that the EIC will be holding a consultation meeting in Owen Sound on Monday, September 28, 1998 related to School Councils.
•     Office of the Prime Minister - acknowledging that Dena Hansen, Blair Hilts and Diane Lessels of Georgian Bay Secondary School were recipients of the Prime Minister's Award for their leadership in the development of a publication entitled "Canada Learns: Canada Remembers".

Tuesday, September 22, 1998, Education Centre, Chesley.

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