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Board Meetings
Board Meeting Highlights

November 17, 1998

•     "Mandela and the Children" - Principal, Rick Galbraith; teacher, Kellie Reed and students, Zoe Wood, Katy Stenberg-Baine, Alysia Wolff and Janine Vanry, from Macphail Memorial Elementary School gave an overview of their September 25, 1998 visit to the Skydome. They were among 40,000 school-aged children who welcomed Nelson Mandela to the Skydome. Janet Glasspool and Jennifer Yenssen presented each participant with a Bluewater lapel pin of excellence.

Reports from Committee-of-the-Whole in Closed Session
•     Superintendent of Business
The Board approved the appointment of N. Dean Currie as the Superintendent of Business and Treasurer of the Board, effective January 1, 1999. N. Dean Currie is currently the Superintendent of Business for the Near North District School Board in North Bay.
•     Resignation - Warren Hoshizaki
The Board received, with regret, the resignation of Warren Hoshizaki, Superintendent of Secondary Education, effective early in the new year. Warren has accepted the position of Director of Education with the Rainy River District School Board.
•     Policy Committee
The Board approved the revised purchasing policy.
•     OSCVI Transition Committee
A report from the OSCVI Transition Committee indicated that the February 1999 completion schedule is on target and the project is within budget.
•     OSCVI Joint Management Committee
Discussion regarding the OSCVI Auditorium Joint Management Committee membership and mandate was referred to the Business Committee.
•     OSCVI Regional Auditorium Campaign
The Fund Raising Campaign for the Auditorium in the new OSCVI officially launched its campaign at a successful concert on October 21, 1998. Campaign Co-Chairs Everett Hall and Brian Davenport reported that the fundraising goal is 1.2 million dollars over five years for seats, sound, lighting and building upgrades.
•     Applications for Educational Exchange
The Board approved five requests from staff who wish to make application for educational exchange.
•     Grade 3 Provincial Assessment
A staff team including Elaine Bertrand, Joan Black, Mary Lou Mercer, Frances Coe, and students, Derek Sanderson and Jenna Knechtel from Lucknow Central Public School presented information to the Board regarding the Grade 3 Provincial Assessment.
•     Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics (97-98)
A report on the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics (97-98) was presented. The report included Key Provincial Results and Bluewater District School Board Action Plan.

•     Leadership Selection Committee
A report on the 1998-99 Principal/Vice-Principal Leadership Selection Process was given by Michelle Forge, Superintendent of Student Services; Marianne Williams, Principal, Walkerton District Secondary School and Marnie Coke, Principal, Holland-Chatsworth Central School. The overview included components of the selection process, assessment dimensions, and performance standards.
•     Municipal Emergency Plan
A Municipal Emergency Plan has been prepared by the Township of Bruce and the Township of Kincardine to provide key officials, agencies and departments within those municipalities, as well as the Bruce Nuclear Power Development, with a general guideline for the response to both a conventional and a nuclear emergency and an overview of their responsibilities during that emergency. This plan was officially presented to the Solicitor General’s Office on October 30, 1998 and is the first of its kind in the province.

•     Wendy Kipp - Alexandra Community School - commending the staff and program at the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies.

Tuesday, December 01, 1998, Education Centre, Chesley.

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