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Board Meeting Highlights

January 18, 2000

•     Bruce Peninsula District School Stargazing Project
Teacher Doug Cunningham, and students Connor Healey, Brady Hellyer, Brian Suke, Deanna Walker and Tiffany Shearer were recognized for constructing and assembling a reflecting telescope, a 6-inch Dobsonian. Skylight magazine printed an article about this project. An independent filmmaker has expressed interest in making a documentary about this group effort.

•     System Administrative Team
Trustees of the Board and Janet Glasspool recognized the work of the System Administrative Team. Team efforts have improved the learning environment for students in a variety of ways. These senior administrators are Mary Anne Alton, David Armstrong, Dean Currie, Michelle Forge, Richard Gerson, John Laverty and John Lennon.

Reports From Committee-of-the-Whole In Closed Session
The agreement with the Bluewater Administrators was approved by the Board.

Policy Committee Report
The following policies were approved:

Secondary School Community Involvement Guidelines
Information about the Secondary Student Community Involvement Guidelines was presented. John Laverty described ineligible and eligible student volunteer activities, and roles and responsibilities of students/families, sponsors, the board and the school.

Electronic Special Education Planner
Paul Robinson, Area Resource Teacher at the Education Centre, and Diann Carmichael, Learning Resource Teacher at Sullivan Community School, presented an overview of the Electronic Special Education Planner. This planner was developed by Paul Robinson to address the issues of consistency and quality in the development of Individual Education Plans and other special education data management requirements throughout the system.

Field Trips
The following field trips were approved:
•     Wiarton District High School music students: trip to Florida from April 14 - 18, 2000.
•     Saugeen District Secondary School music students: trip to Cleveland, Ohio from May 12 - 15, 2000.
•     Grey Highlands Secondary School environmental studies students: canoe trip to Temagami from June 1 - 16, 2000.
•     West Hill Secondary School environmental leadership program students: canoe trip to Temagami from June 1 - 8, 2000.

Average Class Size Report
A report on average class sizes in both elementary and secondary schools was presented. The average class size for elementary schools is 24.99. The average class size for secondary schools is 21.95.

•     Ministry of Education - The Board’s application for a School Based Services project has been approved for 1999/2000 in the amount of $20,200 with an additional $1,500 for resources and professional development.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000, Education Centre, Chesley

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