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Board Meeting Highlights

March 21, 2000

•     Beavercrest Community School Winter Elective Day
Staff, parents, community partners and students were recognized for forming a partnership to plan and experience a winter day at Beaver Valley Ski Club on Monday, February 7, 2000.
•     Chesley District High School -- Partners in Education
Principal, Jim Rackley; teacher, Paul McLaren; the Grade 11 marketing class and nine local Chesley businesses were recognized for developing a community partnership. Products were displayed in a showcase at the school and the students learned how to set up window displays for the storefronts in Chesley.

•     School Council -- St. Edmunds Public School
Spokesperson, Bill Wright, requested that the community be kept abreast of all relevant information involved in the accommodation review of the four peninsula schools.
•     Michelle Minke and Michele Hettrick
Spokesperson, Michelle Hettrick, expressed concerns regarding the transportation policy and offered suggestions to the Board.

Reports From Committee-of-the-Whole In Closed Session
•     School Year Calendar
The Board approved the School Year Calendar for 2000-2001.
•     Secondary Vice-Principal Appointment
Bernice Payne, currently a teacher at West Hill Secondary School, will assume the position of Vice-Principal at Grey Highlands Secondary School effective April 10, 2000.
•     School Administration Organizational Plan
The Board approved a plan for school administration to be included in the 2000-2001 budget plan.
•     Replacement of Supervisory Officer
The Board will conduct an internal search for a three-year term position for a Supervisory Officer with responsibility for an area of schools and a system portfolio.

Business Committee Report
The Board approved a resolution regarding non-owned automobile liability coverage for staff and volunteers.

Educational Issues Committee Report
Grade 7 & 8 Design & Technology and Family Studies broad-based technology centres will be established for all grade 7 and 8 students over a two-year period, September 2000 and September 2001. Broad-based technology centres will be included in the budget plan for 2000-2001 and 2001-2002.

Field Trips
The Board approved the following field trips: Walkerton District Secondary School music trip to Brussels, Belgium in May 2001. Owen Sound Collegiate & Vocational Institute history and world religion trip to Egypt from June 28 – July 12, 2000.

Support for Improving Student Achievement Through Staff Development
Due to lack of support from the Ministry of Education, the early dismissal proposal approved for April and May of 2000 will not be implemented.

•     Saugeen Career Centre
The partnership with Human Resources Development Canada for the joint operation of the Saugeen Career Centre has been renewed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000, Education Centre, Chesley

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