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Board Meeting Highlights

April 18, 2000

•     Osprey Central School – Support for Learning Needs
Staff members were recognized for creating a partnership to accommodate the special needs of the hearing impaired Mennonite students attending the school. Greg Burns, Teacher of the Deaf, explained cochlear implants and high-tech microprocessors that the children use to assist in hearing.
•     Grade 12 English Portfolios
Principal, John Smith; teacher, Laura Cannon-Sherlock; and Grade 12 English students were recognized for their Grade 12 English Portfolios. Students explained their portfolios to small groups of trustees and staff and responded to questions.

Business Committee Report
The Board approved a resolution that the cost of OPSBA Membership be included in the budget on a regular basis.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Board approved the Summer School 2000 program for secondary and grade 8 students. The main campus will be at OSCVI with a satellite program at Walkerton D.S.S. Transportation for secondary students will be a “pay to ride” service and grade 8 students’ bussing costs are covered by a Ministry grant.

Policy Committee
The Policy Committee referred the policy on “Childcare in Bluewater Schools" to childcare stakeholders for review.
•     Transportation Policy
The Board approved an amended resolution which approved Policy BP 6501-D - Transportation with the exception of the section “Student Transportation to/from Alternate Care Facilities”. This section will be reviewed by the Policy Committee.

Field Trips
The Board considered and approved the following field trips:
•     Chesley District High School Geography Club trip to Baltimore and Washington, May 3-8, 2000.
•     Georgian Bay Secondary School field trip to music festival in Boston, Massachusetts, May 3-7, 2000.
•     John Diefenbaker Secondary School trip to Athens and the Isles (Greece) March 3-17, 2001 for Grade 10-OAC students.
•     OSCVI field trip to New York, NY, Philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting, PA, from May 3-8, 2000.
•     West Hill Secondary School Senior History field trip to New York, NY from May 4-7, 2000.

•     Deferred Salary Leave Plan
The Board approved participation in the Deferred Salary Leave Plan for seven elementary school and five secondary school teachers.
•     Enrolment Planning Project Document
Brian Putman made a presentation to the Board on the Bluewater District School Board Enrollment Projection Planning Document: 2000-2016 School Years. The report contains both Principal and Statistics Canada enrollment projections.

•     Bridget Harrison, Acting Director of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch, Ministry of Education wrote stating that the Board has been selected to be the Lead Board for the Barrie District Office for the project “Supports for Higher Achievement: Literacy”. The purpose of the project is to facilitate the exchange of information among Ontario school boards regarding effective practices for developing and consolidating literacy skills with students in Grades 6-9.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000, Education Centre, Chesley

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