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Board Meeting Highlights

June 20, 2000

The following individuals were the winners of the 2000 Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions:
•     Chris Tew, Educational Assistant Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies
•     Beth Pearson, Teacher (retired) Arran-Tara Elementary School
•     Warrant Officer Victor Hickey, Meaford Community School
•     Linda Murray, Teacher Holland-Chatsworth Central School
•     Doreen Wilken, Volunteer Dawnview Public School
•     Pennie Watson, Volunteer Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School
•     Fred Furness, Principal (retired) O.S.C.V.I. Alumni Association
•     Cindy Reid, Volunteer Bruce Township Central Public School
•     Tim Mancell, Teacher Walkerton District Secondary School
•     Arthur Haley, Volunteer Wiarton Public School
•     Barbara Brown, Supervisor of Payroll Administration Centre, Chesley

Chi-Cheemaun Cruise Fundraiser Event
A report on the success of the Chi-Cheemaun Fundraiser event was presented. Plans for the Chi-Cheemaun Cruise 2001 are now underway.

International Exchanges
Jim and Joan Cochlin and four students provided information on international exchanges.

Committee Reports
Policy Committee Report
The following policies were approved:

•     Part A and Part B of Appendix B, Community Education and Community Use of Schools Rental Schedule 2000-2001
•     an amended version of the section “Student Transportation to/from Alternate Care Facilities” from the Transportation Policy that will permit students to travel on an alternate bus route for daycare purposes providing that seven conditions are met. One condition is that the alternate transportation follows a regular schedule five days per week for the entire school year.

•     Field Trips
The Kincardine District Secondary School field trip request to Washington from November 21-24, 2000 was approved.
•     Canada-Wide Science Fair
The following students were recognized for their outstanding performance: Megan Burnside, Beavercrest Community Anna McCarthy, Beavercrest Community Allyssa VanBeuden, Beavercrest Community Deanna Walker, Bruce Peninsula District Julia Dean, Bruce Peninsula District Bridget O’Hagan, Brant Township Central Justin Twelves, James A. Magee Community
     Bill 74 Overview
An overview of Bill 74 was presented, together with impact statements from Trustees, Directors of Education, Public, Catholic and French Language School Systems, School Administrators, Secondary Teachers and Elementary Teachers.

•     Ministry of Education – commitment to support the people of Walkerton by providing special funding to help students. Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board – expressing concern to Ministry of Education re not receiving a share of the $50 million allocation for Health and Safety associated with removal of mold.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000, Education Centre, Chesley

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