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Board Meeting Highlights

June 19, 2001

Family of Schools Awards of Excellence
The following individuals were the recipients of the 2001 Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions:
Doug Cunningham, Retired Teacher, Bruce Peninsula District School
Barry Mutrie, Teacher, Chesley District High School
Dorene Taylor, President, OSSTF-Educational Assistants, Georgian Bay Secondary School
Glenda Hayes, Teacher, Beavercrest Community School
Bonnie Bender, Educational Assistant, John Diefenbaker Secondary School
Dianna Alderdice, Chair, School Community Council, Huron Heights Public School
Peter Warwick, Principal, Bayview Public School
Marilyn Cumming, Teacher (posthumously), Port Elgin-Saugeen Central School
Stephen Johnston, Head Custodian, Derby Public School
Jim and Val Mitchell, Volunteers, Wiarton Public School
Dave Woelfle, Courier Driver, Administration Centre, Chesley

The Board approved the new collective agreement with the Elementary Occasional Teachers for the period September 1, 2000 to August 31, 2002.

Policy Committee
The Board approved Policy BP 4902-D “Financial Reporting Structure” and Policy BP 6820-D “Safe Schools”.

Educational Issues Committee
The Board passed a motion to immediately call on the Harris government to hold full public hearings with broad representation in all communities across Ontario on the proposal to implement the Equity in Education tax credit/voucher scheme for private schools. In addition, the Board calls on the Harris government to deal with the tax credit as a separate issue and not as part of the budget bill.

West Hill Secondary School
A request from West Hill S.S. for a field trip to Mississippi from July 22 – 29, 2001 was approved.

Grey Highlands Secondary School
A request from Grey Highlands S.S. for a field trip to Temagami from September 26 – October 5, 2001 was approved.

Early School Dismissal for New Curriculum Implementation
The Board approved an Early School Dismissal Plan which allows for a 2 p.m. dismissal on October 24, 2001, November 28, 2001, February 27, 2002 and April 24, 2002.

Student Accommodation Report
Bruce Peninsula District School/Wiarton District High School
It is the intent of the Board to combine Bruce Peninsula District School (Grades 11& 12) and Wiarton District High School (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12) in one new secondary school located in Wiarton, contingent on available funding and appropriate property acquisition.

The Board will use the transition period until the new school is available to assess the viability of staffing Grades 11 and 12 at Bruce Peninsula District School at the level generated by the student pro-ration of identified grants and the assigning of the small school grant as it relates to classroom teacher categories.

If the Board finds at the end of the review that the program is unsatisfactory, the decision to move the classes will be acted upon, and this decision is not subject to further discussion under the Board’s Student Accommodation Policy.

If the program is satisfactory, the Board will reconsider its decision to move Grades 11 and 12 and this decision will be subject to the Board’s Student Accommodation Policy.

2001-2002 Budget Approval
The Board approved, in principle, the budget, in the amount of $148,362,989 excluding cost and revenues related to student transportation and capital debt.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
Janet Glasspool

Tuesday, September 18, 2001, Education Centre, Chesley

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