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Board Meeting Highlights

September 18, 2001

David Armstrong administered the Declaration and Oath of Allegiance to First Nation representatives, Natalka Pucan, Saugeen First Nation and Anthony Chegahno, Chippewas of Nawash First Nation.

David Armstrong administered the Declaration to student trustees:
Emily Hill - Bruce Peninsula DS, Graeme Stemp - Chesley District HS, Emily Major - Georgian Bay SS, Greg Kuglin - Grey Highlands SS, Josie Becker - John Diefenbaker SS, Kara Colling and Tina Schoenhoeffer - Kincardine District SS, Jeff Preston - Saugeen District SS and Melissa Kahgee (Saugeen First Nation) - Saugeen District SS, Sarah Cale - Walkerton District SS, Gordon Ross - West Hill SS, Shannon Gottschall - Wiarton District HS and Alexandra Keeshig (Chippewas of Nawash) - Wiarton District HS.

The Board recognized West Hill Secondary School Envirothon Team members Dave Hutchinson, Seanna Murphy, Christy Paterson, Erin Scheel, Emily Rice and teacher Carl Raynard who competed in the North American Envirothon in Mississippi and were named the top Canadian team in the competition. They competed against teams from 7 provinces and 42 states. As these students have all gone on to post secondary education, teacher, Carl Raynard attended the meeting with this year’s Envirothon Team members. They received the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

The Board approved the Letter of Agreement with OSSTF, dated August 27, 2001 changing Articles 23 and 24 on Staffing and
Working Conditions for the 2001/2002 school year.

Policy Committee
The Board approved the following policies:
- Policy BP 6212-D “Boundaries, School Attendance Area” as amended.
- Policy BP 7150-D “Performance Appraisal”.
- Policy BP 7905-D “Professional Growth Frameworks”.

Enrolment Pressure Grants Report
The Board will advise the Ministry of Education that for the purpose of Enrolment Pressure Grant the distance between West Hill SS and Georgian Bay SS has been checked and verified at 33.2 Kilometers.

Student Accommodation Report - Bruce Peninsula District School/Wiarton District High School
It is the intent of the Board to build one new secondary school located in Wiarton, contingent on available funding and appropriate property acquisition.
The Board will use the transition period until a new school in Wiarton is available to assess the viability of staffing Grade 11 and 12 at Bruce Peninsula District School at the level generated by the student pro-ratio of identified grants and the assigning of the
small school grant as it relates to classroom teacher categories.
If the Board finds at the end of the review that the program is unsatisfactory, the Board will combine Bruce Peninsula DS (Grade 11 and 12) and Wiarton District HS (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12) in one secondary school located in Wiarton, contingent on available funding and appropriate property acquisition.
No final decision on moving Grade 11 and 12 Bruce Peninsula DS students to Wiarton will be made until the Board has completed its review and additional public comment on that review has been obtained.

Bruce Peninsula DS (Secondary) and Wiarton District HS
Student Accommodation Transition Plan
The Board received the report which stated that the Board is committed to working with the community during the transition
period to:
-       Develop a statement which describes the standards required to offer a grade 9-12 program
-       Consult with other boards with regard to program offerings in small secondary schools
-       Explore viability of Distance Education in extending program options
-       Monitor the impact of the four year program
-       Determine an acceptable level of resources to maintain a grade 9-12 program in Lion’s Head and Wiarton
-       Deliver common messages to acquire adequate resource support at the provincial level
-       Explore community supports

The Board received a report on Bluewater Summer Activities – July & August 2001 Report which included a presentation by
Shelley Higginson, Meaford, on the Learning & Reading Partners –“Making Connections” a training course for parents and teachers.
The Board approved two field trips conditional upon compliance with the revised Bluewater District School Board policy on Field
Trips and Exchanges (January 2002):
-       Walkerton District SS field trip to France, Germany and England from March 7-18, 2002
-       Kincardine District SS field trip to Italy and France from March 7-19, 2002

Ministry of Education – approval of the Board’s application for transportation assistance funding ($23,500) for cooperative
education under the Rural Youth Jobs Strategy, which helps rural youth obtain work experience and employability skills.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Tuesday, October 16, 2001, Education Centre, Chesley

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