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Board Meeting Highlights

November 20, 2001

Bluewater Electric Car Contest
The Board recognized the efforts of a team of individuals and organizations responsible for the organization of the first Bluewater Electric Car Contest held on Sunday, May 27, 2001, at the Sauble Speedway. The contest is comprised of two categories: “Queen’s Car” (12 volt) and “Electrathon” (24 volt).
Students and teachers built vehicles powered by batteries or solar power. Each vehicle was assessed in four areas: Safety, Technical Design and Aesthetics, Endurance and Technical Reporting. Team members present were: Dave (Saugeen DSS) and Melanie LaFlamme and Joe and Sue Chisholm (Sauble Speedway).

Core French Report
Five teachers were recognized for their efforts in producing a Grade 1-3 Core French curriculum document and their ongoing
tireless support to their colleagues in providing effective Core French program. They are: Julie Stanley – Hepworth Central Public School; Ann Winterton – Dawnview Public School; Donna Yuke – Northport Elementary School; Kelly Ann Frook – Mildmay-Carrick Public School; Jeanne MacDougall – Normanby Community School. Assisted by two new committee members, Tracy Stata – Beavercrest Community School and Marilyn Rigden, Beaver Valley Community School, they will provide in-service to core French teachers on the second early dismissal day, November 28th.

Judy Galoska, Chair, Committee-of-the-Whole, stated that the Board received the Secondary Administrative Staffing Report.
She announced that Ridley Gilmore, Vice-Principal, Kincardine District Secondary School, has accepted the position of Behaviour Lead Teacher and that Matt Pickett, teacher at Wiarton District High School, has been appointed Vice-Principal of Kincardine District Secondary School.

Policy Committee
The Board approved the Policy Committee Report of October 18. Policy BP 1802-D “Student Trustees” was referred to the Student Trustees for 2001-2002 for review and input and Policy BP 6822-D “School Dress Code” was approved.

Educational Issues Committee
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee report of November 6. The Committee heard two reports: Performance
Appraisal of Teachers, which was deferred to its December 4th meeting for further discussion, and Secondary School Reform.

Business Committee
Dean Currie presented two reports:
1)      Contingency Planning Report re: Transportation stating that it is the same report as brought to Business Committee on November 6th except for the section “Other”. There was much discussion by trustees and the Chair indicated that he would vote on this motion. The trustees unanimously voted against receiving the report “Contingency Planning re: Transportation” and the motion was defeated.

2)      Student Accommodation Review: A Measured Approach outlining the process and methodology used in identifying and prioritizing school accommodation reviews. The Board approved undertaking the student accommodation reviews as set out in Table 3 of the report.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Report
The Board received the September 27th Report, including the Minutes of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Special Education Advisory Committee Report
The Board appointed the following as main or alternate members of the Special Education Advisory Committee for the term of this Board: The Association for Bright Children – Susan Lynch, Alternate; Bruce Grey Children’s Services – Dennis Forbes, Member; Grey-Bruce Community Care Access Centre – Karen Nunn, Member and Linda Martin, Alternate.

Student Data: EQAO Grades 3-6 and Balanced Literacy K-6
Mary Anne Alton presented information on Grade 3 and 6 Provincial Assesment and Dr. Frances Coe, retired Bluewater administrator, presented information on Balanced Literacy – Kindergarten, Grade 1-6 – Assessment Results 2001.

Cancelling/Postponing International Field Trips for 2001-2002 School Year
John Laverty presented a report recommending, in light of international unrest, that three International Field Trips for 2001-2002 school year, previously approved by the board, be cancelled/postponed and that any potential loss to students and parents be negotiated with the appropriate tour organizer for reimbursement. There was much discussion by trustees and the Chair announced that he would vote on this motion. There was a tie vote and the motion was defeated.

Deputy Minister of Education – Bluewater will receive $103,663 in funding in order to implement Early Reading Strategy – Capacity Building Funding.

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities – announcing approval of a grant to support Bluewater’s Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program in the amount of $75,000.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Tuesday, December 18, 2001, Education Centre, Chesley

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