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Board Meeting Highlights

February 19, 2002

Purchasing /Transportation Consortium
Dean Currie stated that the Shared Services Consortium includes the Shared Purchasing and Transportation Services from the Bluewater DSB and the Bruce-Grey Catholic DSB.
They provide services to about 30,000 students and about 80 schools/buildings. The staff are located in Hanover at the Catholic Education Centre and include:
Donna Agnew - Purchasing Clerk; Judy Charlton - Purchasing Agent; Leslie Ebert - Purchasing Assistant; Kathy Thomson – Secretary, Purchasing; Brenda Campbell -Transportation Officer; Marlene Johns - Secretary, Transportation; Judi MacArthur -Transportation Systems Clerk; Brian Putman - Transportation; Kevin Juffs - Supervisor of Business Services; Larry Kirby - Manager of Transportation; Dave McCauley - Manager of Purchasing; Cathy Colton, Manager of Finance, Bruce-Grey Catholic DSB; Dean Currie, Superintendent of Business and Treasurer, Bluewater DSB.

Both departments outlined the services they provide to the system and stated that the Ministry of Education has used them as a model of collaboration for other Boards.

The Chair and Director congratulated staff of the Purchasing and Transportation Consortium and presented them with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

Policy Committee
The Board received the Policy Committee Report of a meeting held January 22, 2002. Listed below are the policies considered and action taken:
•     BP 5602-D Field Trips - referred to system for extensive review.
•     BP 6950-D Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) - referred to the Board for approval.
•     BP 6301-D Antiracism and Ethnocultural Equity - endorsed the policy previously approved by the Board.

The Board approved Policy BP 6950-D Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Educational Issues Committee
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee report of a meeting held February 5, 2002. The Committee had received the following reports: Proposed Educational Issues Agenda Items, Early Reading Strategy, Secondary School Reform, TRAIL – Elementary Secondary Gifted Program Overview.

Business Committee
The Board received the Business Committee report of a meeting held February 5, 2002, which included: January 2002 Financial Report #1; Update on the Student Accommodation Process. The Committee was informed that the Federal Ministry of Finance has put forward an amendment to the law which would not allow school boards to claim the GST tax credit for transportation. Trustees will urge School Community Councils and Student Councils to express disapproval of this decision to their Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers.

Community Access Program
David Armstrong introduced James Scongack and Don Burns, who have both worked as Bruce-Grey Community Access Program (CAP) Co-ordinators. They explained that the CAP is a Government of Canada initiative, administered by Industry Canada that aims to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills they need to use it effectively. Bluewater DSB hosts eleven CAP sites located in schools in Grey County. Together with the Bruce County Library System and partners in other Grey County communities, Bluewater DSB is part of the Bruce-Grey Community Access Association which is active in providing mutual support and networking advantages across our two counties.

O.S.C.V.I. Fund Raising – Transfer of Funds
Brian Davenport and Everett Hall, Co-chairs of the O.S.C.V.I. Regional Auditorium Fundraising Committee presented the fourth cheque to the Board in the amount of $120,000. The Chair and Director thanked the Committee for their effort on behalf of O.S.C.V.I.

Secondary Vice-Principal Administrative Placement
The Board received a report from John Laverty announcing that Anne MacLaughlin has been appointed Vice-Principal at Grey
Highlands Secondary School effective February 4, 2002.

Request for International Exchange
The Board granted approval to Bernard Donville to make application for an International Education Exchange to occur from February 2003 to February 2004.

Student Accommodation Review Reports
The Board received 17 Student Accommodation Reports related to 14 elementary and 3 secondary schools in the Kincardine District, Saugeen District and Walkerton District Secondary School catchment areas. The reports are intended to initiate discussion among the Board, the public and interested parties in Bluewater. See Media Release attached.

Mearl Obee, District Manager, Ministry of Education, Barrie District – announcing approval of the Board’s application for the School Based Services (SBS) Program for the 2001-2002 school year in the amount of $20,200. Michelle Forge stated that the SBS Program assists Boards to develop projects that address the needs of children and youth who have witnessed violence against women in their homes and that Bluewater is working in cooperation with both Women’s Centres in Bruce and Grey Counties.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - March 19, 2002

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