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Board Meeting Highlights

April 16, 2002

School Administrators’ Selection Committee
Michelle Forge presented background information on the School Administrators’ Selection Committee that is in its fourth year of operation. She outlined the School Administrator Selection process and named this year’s committee members. She welcomed Committee representatives Clive Card, Cathy Thomson and Laurie Koch who each provided their individual perspective of the
selection program and process.

David Armstrong commented on his three-year participation with the team and the number of changes facing administrators. He thanked the team and acknowledged the long hours the team puts in.

The Chair thanked the Committee members and then he and the Director presented them with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

The Board accepted with regret the resignation of trustee, Margaret Reidl, and, as recognition of her efforts on behalf of Bluewater students and staff during her term, presented her with a commemorative box.

The Board appointed former Bluewater trustee, Cindy Aitken, of Holstein as trustee to fill the remainder of Margaret Reidl’s term of office.

Policy Committee Report
The Board received the Policy Committee Report of a meeting held March 19, 2002. These policies were considered and the following action taken:
•     BP 6821-D “Assault” referred to system for review.
•     BP 2120-D “Records Management referred for administrative review, and that it include review by the Board Auditor.
•     BP 7529-D “Sexual Harassment – Personnel” referred to Bluewater DSB Task Force on Human Rights for review.
•     BP 7520-D “Workplace Harassment and Discrimination – Personnel” referred to Bluewater DSB Task Force on Human Rights for review.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee report of a meeting held April 2, 2002. The Committee received the following information reports:
•     WRAP Case Study
•     Principal Qualification Program
•     Secondary School Reform
•     Double Cohort Study
•     Professional Learning Program Update

Business Committee Report
The Board received the Business Committee Report of a meeting held April 2, 2002. The Business Committee had received a verbal update on the Student Accommodation Reviews and meetings held to date.

Performing Arts Program Report
Audrey Smith, System Lead Teacher, Primary/Junior, presented an information report on the Performing Arts Program.

Bluewater Literacy – Term 3 Plans Report
Mary Anne Alton provided a summary of Term 3 Activities available for Bluewater staff. The focus has expanded from staff development opportunities for primary teachers into sessions for junior, intermediate and secondary teachers.

Field Trip Request
The Board approved the following field trip:
•     KDSS Kinetic Knights Robotic Team to North American Championship, Orlando, Florida (April 23-30, 2002).

Deficit Management Plan Report
Dean Currie presented a verbal report on the plan that was sent to the Ministry of Education. He and the Director will meet with Ministry of Education staff on April 24th at 1:00 p.m. to provide information on how the deficit will be recovered in 2002-2003.

School Year Calendar 2002-03 Report
David Armstrong stated that the Bi-Board School Year Calendar Committee met to consider the 2002-2003 Calendar.  A survey of the School Community Councils indicated a preference for a traditional school year. The Board approved the proposed School Year Calendar for 2002-03.

Letter of Resignation from John Laverty
The Board expressed their appreciation of John’s efforts on behalf of Bluewater DSB, particularly during the Tobermory crisis, and commended his support to the staff of Bruce Township Central Public School. They presented him with a commemorative box.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - May 21, 2002

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