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Board Meeting Highlights

June 18, 2002

Family of Schools Awards of Excellence
The following individuals were the recipients of the 2002 Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions:
Ray Strucke, Custodian, Chesley District High School
Shelley Higginson, Parent Volunteer, Meaford Community School
Glenn Weber, Dustodian, Beavercrest Community School
David Hocking, Principal, John Diefenbaker Secondary School
Dave Lockhart, Teacher, W.E. Thompson Public School
Vicki Lisi, School Council Chair, Bayview Public School
Barbara McCulloch, Volunteer, G.C. Huston Public School
Lois Ballagh, Office Manager, Hillcrest Elementary School
Elaine Paton, Area Resource Teacher, Administration Centre
Val Roulston, Client Support Representative, Markdale Satellite Office

The following nine people made presentations to the Board asking that Bruce Township Central Public School not be closed:  Linda White, Howard Ribey, Rodney Madic, James Davey, Bruce Ribey, Anne Judd, Eleanor Thompson, David Inglis, Ray Fenton.
•     Shelley Parker spoke on behalf of Paisley Central School.
•     Donna Bridge spoke on behalf of the Work Group for the four Kincardine Schools.

The Board ratified collective agreements for the following:
•     Elementary Teachers
•     CUPE, Bluwater Local
•     Secondary Teachers
The Board approved the Transportation Contract Report dated June 18, 2002.

Policy Committee Report
•     The Board reclassified Policy BP 6321-D "Assault" to Policy BP 7522-D - Assault Involving Board Staff and approved the policy as amended.
•     The Board approved Appendix A "Rental Schedule" of Policy BP 5902-D as amended.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Report & Minutes
The Board Approved received the May 16, 2002 Report, including the Minutes of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Business Committee Report
The Board received the Business Committee Report of a meeting held June 4, 2002, and that this information form part of the 2002-03 budget report to the Board.

Bluewater Regional Science & Technology Fair 2002 Report
Early Dismissal Days 2002-03 Report
The Board approved the Early Dismissal Plan which allows for a 2:00 p.m. dismissal on October 30 and November 27, 2002 and February 26 and April 30, 2003.

Field Trip Request
The Board approved the following field trip:
West Hill SS (Grade 11 & 12) Group Student Exchange (Canadian Educational Exchange Foundation) with France 2002-03.

Student Accommodation Review Reports
Refer to the attachment "Summary of Recommendations, Student Accommodation Review, Phase I", for individual schools. The Board approved all recommendations.

The Business Committee meeting re Budget (May 27, 2002) was cancelled.

Next Meeting - September 17, 2002
Chesley Administration Centre

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