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Board Meeting Highlights

November 19, 2002

David Armstrong commended two Bluewater Maintenance staff for the Bluewater Logo which now hangs in the entrance to the Administration Centre, Chesley: John Weiler (design and pattern) and Paul Williams (carving).
Michelle Forge, Superintendent of Student Services, shared information about the recent Cycle 4 ISA review process.  Approval was 101.6% as all cases were approved and two were moved up from Level 2 to Level 3.

Educational Assistant Apprenticeship Program
Michelle Forge, introduced members of a partnership between Bluewater DSB and Georgian College, Owen Sound, namely:
Dorene Taylor, Educational Assistant Support and Gloria Morris, Educational Assistant Training and Development Coordinator; Michael Traynor and Barb Carriere. They have developed the first Educational Assistant Apprenticeship program.

Dorene Taylor spoke about the team building she and Gloria Morris have been doing and the successful Professional Development days at Georgian. They are also joined by a new member to the partnership, Darlene Lortie, from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Apprenticeship Branch.

Gloria Morris stated that in the fall 16 Educational Assistants started the course and four have already received positions in
Bluewater schools. They estimate 12–15 more will start in January. She described the areas of learning and stated that here is a large on-the-job portion to the course.

Barb Carriere from Georgian College stated that it has been a exceptional partnering experience and Mike Traynor stated that the Board can be proud of the apprenticeship program that has developed and that it should help people stay in Grey and Bruce Counties.

Darlene Lortie, complimented the vision of the partners in developing an E.A. Apprenticeship program. It is new to their Ministry and is a unique partnership with the Board, College and Ministry. Their Ministry funds 80% of the apprentice’s training course cost and the apprentice pays 20%.

Policy Committee Report (October 15)
The Committee dealt with the following reports:

Policy BP 6951- D “Assessment and Evaluation” – referred to the system for review
Policy BP 6850-D “Child Abuse (Suspected) Reporting” – referred to Student Services SAT Council prior to being referred to the system for review.
Policy BP 6802-D “Medical or physical Assistance – Provision of within the School” referred to Student Services SAT Council.
Policy BP 6825-D “Student Discipline” referred to the Community Relations Council prior to being referred to the system for review.
Policy BP 1403-D “Sympathy Tributes on Behalf of the Board” – endorsed as previously approved by the Board.
Policy BP 5450-D “Textbooks (Approval)” - referred to the Board for Approval.

The Board approved Policy BP 5450-D “Textbooks (Approval)”.

Educational Issues Committee Report (November 5)
The Committee received the following reports:
•     Attendance Handbook
•     Literacy Data compiled by Frances Coe
•     Bluewater School Leavers
•     Graduates and Ontario Scholars

Business Committee Report (November 5)
The Committee received the following reports:
•     Technology Master Plan Presentation
•     Student Accommodation Process Review

Joint Health and Safety Committee Report & Minutes
The Board received the October 3, 2002 Report, including the Minutes of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Barbara Wright, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, presented the video, “Go For It!” Developing Skills Through Cooperative Education, which profiles 24 local high school student who have participated in cooperative education.

The Board approved the following requests:

John Everingham, teacher at Walkerton DSS to make application for a two-year loan of service with the DND Dependants Schools Overseas.
Lois Weller, Learning Resource Teacher, Macphail Memorial ES, to make application for an International Education Exchange (Australia) from January 2004 – December 2004.

Field Trip Requests:
The Board approved the following field trip requests:
•     Georgian Bay SS YMCA Bilingual Exchange Trip to Quebec (April 29 to May 5, 2003).
•     Georgian Bay SS Senior and Intermediate Orchestra Trip to Washington D.C., USA (May 2003).
•     Saugeen District SS Senior History Excursion to Washington D.C., USA (May 1-4, 2003).
•     Chesley District HS Geography Club Trip to Boston, USA (April 23-27, 2003).
•     Chesley District HS Performing Tour to Chicago, Illinois, USA (May 1-4, 2003).

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - December 17, 2002

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