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Board Meeting Highlights

December 17, 2002

Ron Motz was acclaimed as Chair of the Board.

Judy Galoska was acclaimed as Vice-Chair of the Board.

Ron Motz, Chair, recommended a change to the Board By-Laws. A motion was passed that Bluewater District School Board elect the chair of the three standing committees each year at their initial meeting.

David Armstrong announced that the YMCA Peace Medallion was presented to Bluewater District School Board principal, Maureen
Low, for the introduction of the Tribes Program to forty-three Bluewater teachers.
Mark Kolohon was recently elected Program Chair for STAO (Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario). This is Mark’s second
term as Program Chair for STAO.
Bruce Power was recognized for providing full financial support for the 2003 Bluewater Band Camp.
Marc Boisvert, teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School, Owen Sound, recently received a National Award from SEVEC (Society
for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada) for his support and promotion of student exchanges.

“Festival of Music” 2002, Owen Sound
The event was held March 28, 2002 at West Hill Secondary School.  It involved eight Owen Sound and area public and separate schools in the celebration of string and instrumental music.

Brad Crawford, teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School, Owen Sound, was present to accept recognition of the leadership role
played by himself and the following persons in organizing the Festival: Heather Thompson, Strathcona Senior P.S.; Paul Bartlett,
Maurice Azzano and David Tupper, OSCVI; Gaeol Mulvaney-Courtois, Holland-Chatsworth C.S.; Gerard Willmes, Notre-Dame
Catholic S.; Henrietta Blom and Jim Seaborn, West Hill S.S.; Sandra Pedlar, Meaford Community S.; Melanie Kearns, Wiarton

Members of the Hillcrest Husky Jazz Band also attended and they performed several selections for trustees. Amanda Gillies, a band
member, shared her experience at the “Festival of Music”.

The Chair thanked the students and staff and presented them with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

Policy Committee
At the meeting of November 19, 2002, Policy Committee reviewed the following policies:
•     Video Surveillance Policy – referred to Community Relations Council and then to the system for review.
•     Human Rights Policy – referred to December meetings of Elementary and Secondary principals prior to being referred to the system for review in January 2003.

Educational Issues Committee
At its meeting of December 3, 2002, Educational Issues Committee received the following reports:
•     Psychology Staff Support of ISA Comprehensive Review
•     Community Education Report
•     Secondary School Double Cohort Data and Preliminary Analysis
•     December 6, 2002 System PD Day
•     Teacher Performance Appraisal

Business Committee
At its December 3, 2002 meeting, Business Committee approved the minutes of November 5, 2002.
The Board received the three Committee reports.

Education Equality Task Force Recommendations
Dean Currie stated that he, the Chair and Director attended the “Lock Up Presentation” of Dr. Rozanski’s recommendations. He
summarized the report stating that there are two parts to the recommendations - immediate and long term recommendations. At
present he is still unsure of the impact on the Bluewater budget.

Preliminary Report of EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics
Board Results 2001-2002
Alana Murray provided details of the report. A problem with the website has meant that many schools have been unable to
download their results. She did not have any comparisons to the province and stated that a more detailed report is to be released by January 30, 2003.

Request for International Exchange
Diane Lawler was granted approval to make application for an International Exchange to Australia to occur from January 1, 2004
to January 1, 2005.

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following trips were approved:
•     Bruce Peninsula District S.S. – Killarney Park, May 2003.
•     West Hill S.S. – Art Trip, New York City, May 2003.
•     Bruce Peninsula District S.S. – Northern Italy and France, March, 2004.
•     Kincardine District S.S. – Washington, D.C., April, 2003.
•     Bruce Peninsula District S.S. – Outers Winter Camp – Larkwhistle Corner, Feb. 27-March 1, 2003.
•     Kincardine District S.S. – Spring Canoe Trip – Lake Magnetewan, Algonquin Park, June, 2003.
•     Saugeen District S.S. – Italy and Greece, June 30-July 9, 2003.

OPSBA Public Education Symposium, Toronto (Feb. 6-8, 2003).

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - January 21, 2003

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