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Board Meeting Highlights

June 17, 2003

Millenium Scholarship Winner
David Armstrong offered congratulations to Walkerton District S.S. student, Eric Thor, on winning at the national level.

Family of Schools Awards of Excellence
The program is designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts and contribution of one individual from each family of schools and the administration centres. The following individuals were the recipients of the 2003 Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions:
•     Tim Matheson, Volunteer, Bruce Peninsula District School
•     Diane Birchard, Volunteer, Chesley Public School
•     Denise Horvath, Learning Resource Teacher, Meaford Community School
•     Kathleen Osborne, Volunteer, Dundalk & Proton Community School
•     Sandra Wilson, Educational Assistant, Saugeen Valley Elementary School
•     Gail Walden, Home & School President, Parent Volunteer, W.E. Thompson Public & Elgin Market Public Schools
•     Ron Reid, Community Services Officer, Owen Sound Police Services
•     Shelley Bellamy, Teacher, Saugeen District Secondary School
•     John Woodley, Principal, Walkerton District Secondary School
•     Ron Kingsbury, Teacher, Derby Public School
•     Jane MacIntyre, Teacher, Hepworth Central Public School
•     Don Frook, Maintenance, Chesley Administration Centre

The Board rescinded the following motions:
•     Policy BP 7520-D “Workplace Harassment and Discrimination – Personnel”
•     Policy BP 7521-D “Sexual Harassment – Personnel”
•     Policy BP 7525-D “Employment Equity”

1)      Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Not Been Given
Five people made presentations to the Board regarding St. Edmunds Public School Student Accommodation Review:
Catherine Anderson, John Francis, Ken Pritchard, Helen McFarlane, Milt McIvor.

2)      Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Scartlett Janusas, Chair, St. Edmunds Public School SCC and Community Committee made a presentation to the Board regarding St. Edmunds Public School Student Accommodation Review.

The Board brought forward three motions from Committee of the Whole Closed Session.
•     Approval in principle to structure an agreement with the Bruce-Grey Public Education Foundation regarding the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies.
•     Approval of proposed changes to the transportation contract as outlined in the report dated June 17, 2003.
•     Approval of the establishment of a day care facility at Paisley Central School as per the report dated June 17, 2003.

The Chair requested and received the Board’s permission to alter the order of the Agenda to deal with reports that visitors were in attendance to hear or to present.

Addendum to the March 4, Student Accommodation Review Report: The Public Process, Alternative Analysis and Recommendations - St. Edmunds Public School
Three resolutions were passed regarding St. Edmunds P.S.:

That during the cyclical review of Bluewater District School Board Policy BP 3101-D, modifications to the policy will include provisions for schools with low enrolment and special geographic circumstances.
That Bluewater District School Board commit to a school facility in Tobermory which effective September 1, 2003 will include JK-6, subject to reconfiguration determined through ongoing consultation with the St. Edmunds Public School Community Council, that will ensure student program can be provided according to the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum.
That effective September 2003 Grades 7 & 8 program for students from St. Edmunds Public School will be provided at Bruce Peninsula District School.

Bluewater Regional Science & Technology Fair 2002 Report
John Twelves, President of the Regional Science and Technology Fair Committee, spoke about the Bluewater Regional Science Fair and the Canada-Wide Fair. He commended Walkerton District S.S. student, Evan Thor, for putting the Bruce Regional Science and Technology Fair on a web site. He presented results from the Canada-Wide Science Fair and introduced Stephanie Rennick and Rennie Rioux, Silver Medal winners and each winners of a scholarship to the University of Western Ontario. Their project, the striped beetle, has also been accepted for patent and was graded as a fourth year university project.
Trustees viewed a Power Point presentation made by two Canada–Wide Science Fair students who were unable to attend the Board meeting, Penny Shearer and Emily Hill, Bruce Peninsula D.S.

The Special Education Plan Report
The Board approved the Special Education Plan 2003.

Student Accommodation Review Reports
1.      Chesley Public School: The Board approved closing the school effective August 30, 2003, and the students will be amalgamated into one school at the current Elderslie Central School site.

2.      Elderslie Central School: The following resolution was passed:
i)      That effective June 30, 2003, the students of Chesley Public School and Elderslie Central School be amalgamated into one school at the current Elderslie Central School site.
ii)     That the amalgamated schools include grade JK to 8 and that the school be renamed with a new school logo.
iii)    That any portables placed on the site for the amalgamated school be no more than two years old.
iv)     That students outside Tower Park be bussed to the amalgamated school site until there are adequate sidewalks and safety precautions in place to allow a safe walk.

3.      Durham District Community School:  That Durham District Community School close no earlier than June 30, 2004 and that the students attend an enhanced Saugeen Valley Elementary School.

4.      Saugeen Valley Elementary School:  
i)      That an addition be built onto Saugeen Valley Elementary School to house existing students and students from Durham District Community School and that the addition be funded from Prohibitive to Repair Grant for Durham District Community School.
ii)     That, upon completion of the addition to Saugeen Valley Elementary, the school be designated as a JK-8 school.

5.      Wiarton Public School:
i)      That Wiarton Public School be closed upon completion of the new JK-12 school to be built in Wiarton.
ii)     That, the accommodation review for Wiarton Public School be terminated and the student accommodation report noted and filed.

Policy Committee Report
The Board approved the following policies:
•     Policy BP 6815-D “Video Surveillance” as amended.
•     Policy BP 3862-D “Pesticides, Including Insecticides and Herbicides”.
•     Policy BP 7360-D “Early and Safe Return to Work program” as amended.

Business Committee Reports
The Board received the Business Committee Reports of meetings held May 28 and June 10, 2003.

Special Education Advisory Committee Report
The Board appointed the following as members of the Special Education Advisory Committee for the term of this Board:
•     Trudy Baran, Member, representing Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association
•     Allison Black, Member, representing Parent-at-Large (Change of Association)
•     Pat Gruter-Larson, Alternate, representing Bluewater Council of Home & School Associations

Joint Health & Safety Committee Report
The Board received the Joint Health & Safety Committee Report dated May 15, 2003.

Field Trip Request
The Board approved the Saugeen District S.S. Senior History field trip to Smoothwater Outfitters and Ecolodge Temagami, Ontario from September 25 to 28, 2003.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - September 16, 2003

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