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Board Meeting Highlights

September 16, 2003

2003 Band Camp
Ridley Gilmore (Student Services Department), Camp Director, and Jackie McCulloch (Hepworth Central School), Camp Administrator brought two grade 7 participants at the 5th Annual Bluewater Band Camp:  Stephen Walke (Paisley Central School); Laura Langridge (Northport Elementary School). Thirty-eight grade 7 students received three days of exciting musical training.  They  explained the selection process for participants and the students each shared their experience at the Camp and the benefits gained from the experience.

Appreciation was expressed to community partner, Bruce Power, whose generous donation fully funded the Band Camp experience.

Three motions came forward from Committee-of-the-Whole in Closed Session (June 17, 2003):
•     Approved in principle the draft tuition agreement between Bluewater District School Board and The Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation dated June 2003.
•     Approved the change of name of Elderslie Central School to Kinghurst Community School effective July 1, 2003.
•     Ratified the Memorandum of Settlement with E.T.F.O. Bluewater Local to August 31, 2004.

One motion came forward from Committee-of-the-Whole in Closed Session (June 25, 2003):
•     Ratified the Memorandum of Settlement with O.S.S.T.F. District 7 for the period September 1, 2003 to August 31, 2004.

Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report of a meeting held June 17, 2003, was received. Policies endorsed as previously approved by the Board were:
•     Policy BP 6810-D “Safe Arrival”
•     Policy BP 5902-D “Community Education and Community Use of Schools”
•     Policy BP 2880-D “Animal Care”
•     Policy BP 3120-D “Childcare in Bluewater District Schools”.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Educational Issues Committee Report of a meeting held September 2, 2003 was received.
Three new System Principals were introduced:

Doug Goar, Principal of Program, providing support for literacy, numeracy and assessment and evaluation initiatives (elementary and secondary).
John Smith, Co-ordinator of At-Risk for Bluewater.  He, and other provincial co-ordinators, will address At-Risk student
program from grades 7-12. He will offer staff support to prepare students for the Ont. Sec. School Literacy Test and Ont. Sec.
School Literacy Course. He will also be Principal of the North and South SALEP Centres.
Susan Loyst, Principal of Student Services.

The following reports were received: Grade 10 Literacy Test Results, Program Pathways for “At Risk” Students, 2003-04
Professional Development and Early Dismissal Days.

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee Report of a meeting held September 2, 2003 was received. The Committee received information reports on the:
•     transfer of bus contracts effective September 2, 2003.
•     construction projects carried out over the summer months.

Bluewater Summer Activities – July and August, 2003 Report An overview of the following activities held over the summer was
provided: Principal’s Qualification Course, TRIBES, Bluewater Summer School, Radical Readers Day Camp, Bluewater Summer
Institute 2003, Community Use of Schools, August Leadership Symposium.

Field Trip Requests
The Board approved the following field trips:
•     Grey Highlands S.S. – Temagami Trip (Sept. 29 - Oct. 9, 2003).
•     Bruce Peninsula District S.S. – Outers Fall Hike (Oct. 17 - 19, 2003).

Update on Approved International Field Trip
Alana Murray provided information on changes to a previously approved spring 2004 trip for Grey Highlands Secondary School
students that was cancelled due to the world situation and SARS. It is now going ahead one year later. 2003 graduating students have had an opportunity to sell their seats to other students.

2003 Debenture Issue
The Board approved the projects listed in the report of the Superintendent of Business dated September 16, 2003 and approved that the unfinanced capital amounts listed in the report be financed by way of debentures issued by The Ontario School Board Financing Corporation in fiscal year 2003-04.

Projected Year-end Financial Position
The Board received the September, 2003 Financial Report that contained financial actuals for July 31, 2003 and projection to year end August 31, 2003.

2003-04 Elementary Opening Day Enrolment
Mary Anne Alton presented updated elementary enrolment figures.  The September 12th enrolment was 13,484.5. There are 435 fewer students than last year. The Board is in a hiring position in every area and she outlined how staffing adjustments will take place by the end of September.

2003-04 Secondary Enrolment
Alana Murray updated trustees on Secondary enrolments. The September 15th enrolment was 7,878.75. Staffing issues will be
addressed on October 15th and again on October 31st.
David Armstrong commented that approximately 900 students appear to be coming back for a fifth year.

James Downey, Advisor to the Minister on a Rural Education Strategy
Dean Currie provided further information on the amount to be received under the Rural Grant Strategy program, in addition to grants. The $1.6 million incorporates what already exists. The definition of distance from school to school and size of schools
generates percentage of grant. The further the distance, the greater the percentage. There is also confusion around the accountability factor. He will bring further information as it is received.

Professional Activity Day – September 26, 2003
Alana Murray stated that the day is designed to begin the implementation of the Assessment and Evaluation policy and also to strengthen Literacy and Numeracy instruction. She provided a handout of activities and invited trustees to attend.

Next Meeting - October 21, 2003

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