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Board Meeting Highlights

October 21, 2003

In the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, a motion was passed to allow Jennifer Yenssen to act as Chair for the meeting.

Kinghurst Community School – An Amalgamation
Marnie Coke stated that the Board is proud of the tremendous positive spirit in which the amalgamation of Chesley P.S. and
Elderslie C.S. to Kinghurst C.S. took place. She introduced and welcomed the 2002 School Community Council Chairs, from
Chesley P.S. and Elderslie C.S., both Principals and a Chesley P.S. student, namely, Sue Milojevic, Ron DeVisser, Doug Goar,
Paul Hambleton, Kaitlyn McLeod. They each shared some highlights of the amalgamation.

Trustees passed a motion to reconsider Motion 03.06.129 (Approval in Principle to Structure an Agreement with the Bruce-Grey Public Education Foundation).

The Board passed a revised motion identical to the prior motion except for the insertion of the words after property “ known as
the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies” to describe the property.

One motion came forward from Committee-of-the-Whole in Closed Session (October 21, 2003). The Board ratified the oneyear
Memorandum of Settlement with OSSTF O.P.T. Bargaining Unit District 7 to August 31, 2004.

Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report of a meeting held September 16, 2003, was received. The Board also passed the following
Policies as amended:
•     Policy BP 1403-D “Electronic Meetings (Board and Committee)”.
•     Policy BP 6802-D “Medical and/or Physical Assistance – Provision of within the School”.

The Committee considered the following policies:
•     Policy BP 6703-D “Ontario Education Number (OEN)” – referred to the SAT Community Relations and SAT Business Councils prior to being referred to the system for review.
•     Policy BP 1401-D “Conflict of Interest” – endorsed as previously approved by the Board.
•     Policy BP 6513-D “Bus Safety” – referred to the SAT Community Relations and SAT Business Councils prior to being referred to the system for review.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee Report of a meeting held October 7, 2003. Under Celebration, the Committee received an information report about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) from OYAP Coordinator, Barb Wright. They were also presented with the video called “Destination Apprenticeship” geared to grade 7 and 8 students.

The following information reports were received:
•     Teaching Students with Autism Conference
•     Double Chort Update
•     Electric Car Contest
•     Special Literacy Project in Walkerton

Business Committee Report
Business Committee received a verbal update on the issuance of debentures at its meeting held October 7, 2003. The Business Committee Report was received.

Two requests from teachers at Walkerton District S.S. to apply to Department of National Defence Dependants Schools Overseas were approved.

Field Trip Requests
The Board approved the following field trips:
•     Georgian Bay S.S. – Sr. and Int. Orchestra Trip to  Washington, D.C. (May 20-24, 2004).
•     John Diefenbaker S.S. – Senior Concert Band Overseas Tour (June 23 to July 3, 2004).
•     Saugeen District S.S. – Italy and Greece Trip (March 11-20, 2004)
•     Wiarton District H.S. – Concert Band Trip to Disney World, Florida (April 15-19, 2004)

Summer School 2003 Final Report
Summer School was offered at two locations, O.S.C.V.I. and Walkerton D.S.S. Torben Hawksbridge, Alex Cooper and Marilyn Rigden reported on the following areas related to the 2003 Summer School Program: Program and Enrolment, Staffing, Office Administration, Transportation. They provided recommendations in each area for 2004 Summer School.

Professional Development Day, September 26, 2003 Report
Doug Goar, Principal of Program, reported on the wide variety of professional development sessions held across the district for
all employee groups.

Communications – Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees
The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association is holding their Fall General Meeting, “Opening the Door for Change” on November 7 and 8, Toronto. Some Bluewater student trustees have expressed an interest in attending.

Trustee, Margaret Gaviller, updated trustees on an OMB Hearing proceeding for several weeks in Wiarton with respect to a proposed quarry near the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies site.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - November 18, 2003

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