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Board Meeting Highlights

December 16, 2003 - Inaugural and Regular Meetings

A musical ensemble from Chesley District High School consisting of clarinet trio and a percussion duo played several seasonal
selections for the Board. The Chair and Director thanked the students and their teacher and conductor Kerry Lynn Boys. They
presented them with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

David Armstrong, Director of Education, stated that he would preside over the Inaugural meeting until the election of the Chair.
The Inaugural meeting would be immediately followed by the regular meeting of the Board. He stated that Judy Galoska would
participate in the Inaugural meeting electronically for the Declaration and Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance and election of
Chair and Vice-Chair.

The following elected trustees took the Declaration and Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance: Cindy Aitken, Carolyn Day, Judy
Galoska, Margaret Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Marilyn McComb, Ron Motz, Jean Sullivan, Jennifer Yenssen.

Ron Motz was nominated and acclaimed to the position of Chair and Judy Galoska was nominated and acclaimed to the position of Vice-Chair.

Chair, Ron Motz, distributed a list of present Committees of the Whole Board and Committees with Trustee Representation. He
stated that Chairs of Business, Educational Issues and Policy Committees would be elected at their first meeting. Trustees were
asked to indicate their interest in Committees with Trustee Representation.

One motion came forward from Committee-of-the-Whole in Closed Session (December 16, 2003). The Board approved the transfer of the property known as the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies to The Bruce-Grey Public Education
Foundation. The Foundation will in turn establish the Outdoor Education Trust. The transaction effectively strengthens and
preserves outdoor education in perpetuity.

Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report of a meeting held November 18, 2003, was received. The following motions were considered:
•     Policy BP 1101-D “Foundations for Learning” – referred to Community Relations Council prior to being referred to the system for review.
•     Policies BP 7106-D “Transfer of Principals and Vice-Principals”
–     referred to Assn. of Bluewater Administrators prior to being returned to the Policy Committee.
•     BP 7305-D Principal, Vice-Principal, Lead Teacher Designation”
–     referred to Elementary and Secondary SAT Councils and Assn. of Bluewater Administrators prior to being returned to the Policy Committee.
•     Policy BP 2105-D “Recycling” referred to SAT Business Council for review prior to being referred to the system for review.
•     Policy BP 7901-D “Staff Development” referred to the Staff Development Council prior to being returned to the Policy Committee.
The Board also passed Policy BP 6202-D “Non-Resident Students” as amended.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee Report of a meeting held December 2, 2003.
The Educational Issues Committee recommended and the Board approved the following two motions:
•     received the summary report School Community Councils’ Annual Reports 2002-2003.
•     support of School Community Council Symposium in late March 2004.

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee received a presentation from Makrimichalos Cugini Architects on three building projects undertaken by the Board. The Business Committee Report of the meeting held December 2, 2003, was received.

Field Trip Requests
The Board approved the following field trip:
•     Bruce Peninsula District Secondary School
–     Outers Winter Trip
–     Larkwhistle Corner Feb. 26-29, 2004.

Staff Reports
Learning for a Lifetime: Annual Report of the Director of Education, December 2003
David Armstrong presented the report and responded to questions from trustees.

Personnel Information Report
David Armstrong presented the Report which provides a summary of staffing changes by employee group.

1.      OPSBA – 2004 Annual Public Education Symposium – Jan. 29-31, 2004.
2.      Gerri Gershon, President, OPSBA – welcoming returning and new trustees.

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - January 20, 2004

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