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Board Meeting Highlights

January 20, 2004


Mathematics Contact Teachers
Marnie Coke stated that Bluewater District School Board has whole-heartedly adopted the Ministry of Education’s Early Math strategy and enhanced the initiative by creating “Math Contact Teachers” in every Bluewater elementary school. After attending
regular training sessions organized by the Board Training Team, consisting of Marnie Coke, Doug Goar, Cindy Harris and Mark Kolohon, the Math Contact Teachers will then share their resources and ideas with other teachers, mentoring them and offering a source of support and leadership within their schools. Math Contact Teacher, Laurie Radbourne (Keppel-Sarawak), spoke to the Board from the perspective of the Math Contact Teachers.

The Chair, Vice-Chair and Director presented the Board Training Team members and Laurie Radbourne with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.


Policy Committee
The Board received the Policy Committee Report of a meeting held December 16, 2003, and approved Policy BP 5801-D “Student Exchanges” as amended.
The Committee also considered the following polices:
•     BP 6501-D “Transportation” – referred to the SAT Business Council prior to being referred to the system for review.
•     BP 1622-D “Home and School” – endorsed as previously approved by the Board.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Report
The Board received the Report of a meeting of the Joint Health and Safety Committee held December 11, 2003.


Field Trip Requests
The Board approved the following three trips:
i)      Bruce Peninsula District Secondary School Grade 10 and 11 students’ Outers Dog Sledding Trip to South River, Ontario from March 11 to 14, 2004.
ii)     Chesley District High School Grade 12 students’ trip to Algonquin Park from May 26 to May 30, 2004.
iii)    Kincardine District Secondary School Grades 11 and 12 students’ trip to Lake Magnetewan, Algonquin Park from June 14 to 18, 2004.

Community Education 2002-03 Report
Diane Murphy, Supervisor of Community Education, presented the report stating that Community Education continues to grow, supporting various Board departments when and where possible. Partnering with various community organizations and agencies, we
continue to network in an attempt to offer the widest variety of lifelong learning programs as possible, while benefiting residents, young and old of Bluewater.


2002-2003 Year End Financial Report
The Board received the 2002-2003 Year End Financial report.

Auditors’ Report
Linda Bross of BDO Dunwoody presented the Auditors’ Report and responded to questions from trustees. The Board received the Auditors’ Report and Financial Statements for the period September 1, 2002 to August 31, 2003.  The Financial Statements are available on the Board’s website or by contacting the Board’s Administration Centre, Chesley.

National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
The Board approved preparation of a media release to honour all staff of Bluewater District School Board during National Teacher /Staff Appreciation Week, February 8-14, 2004.
Next Meeting – February 17, 2004

Director of Education
Ron Motz
Judy Galoska
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - February 17, 2004

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