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Board Meeting Highlights

June 15, 2004


David Armstrong shared the following items of excellence:

West Hill Envirothon Team 2004
A five-person senior team, consisting of members: Andrew Hibma, Rachel Herron, Emily Raynard, Andrew Severs, Carrie Van Dorp, and Coach, Carl Raynard, have qualified at the provincial competition and are among 50 qualifiers for the Continental Competition to be held in late July, 2004 in Buckhannon, West Virginia, USA.
Student Success Special Programs
The Board recognized the following two innovative programs designed to support at risk learners:

Masonry and Construction Program – Kincardine District SS
Paul Douglas, teacher, Cathy Thomson, Principal, and two of the 17 students in the project attended the meeting. The class completed 17 construction jobs over the school year. The campus is located in Bervie and the students were responsible for getting themselves to the campus worksite and job site. Paul Douglas thanked the Board for their support of this program. Students, Chris Bushell and Tom Geddes described their perspective of the program and positive effect it had for them. There were no drop outs from the program during the school year.

Talisman Mountain Resort – Grey Highlands SS
Blair Hilts, Principal, Grey Highlands SS, commended the work of former Grey Highlands SS Principal, John Smith,  now Student Success Coordinator,  for assistance in developing these two programs. Teachers, Gerry O’Donnell (Talisman Student Success Teacher) and Velvet Rollin (Behaviour Resource Teacher) described the innovative program for at risk learners. Two students from the program, Tim Walsh and Jessie Sparks, spoke about the positive effect the alternative program has had for them.

The Chair, Director and Vice-Chair distributed the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence to the students and staff members in attendance.

The following achievements were given recognition:
•     “Eat Smart” Award to Bruce Peninsula DS Cafeteria
•     School achievements by many schools in local music festivals and beyond
•     Ray Connelly Award to Bill Henry, Sun Times Reporter, for education reporting (nominated by OSSTF, Dist. 7)
•     Electric Car Contest held at Sauble Speedway on Sunday, June 6.

Recognition of Student Trustees 2003-04
Letters of recognition were presented to 2003-04 student trustees and those who brought incoming student trustees for 2004-05 made introductions.


Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Not Been Given
Jenny Aitken and Rachel Runge, students from John Diefenbaker SS,  made a presentation to the Board about the lack of recognition of the importance of the arts program in the new curriculum. They urged the Board to continue lobbying the government to include arts programs in secondary and elementary schools and presented a petition signed by students and staff.
Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Donna Beckett spoke on behalf of Derby School Community Council about preparations at Derby to have Grade 7 students remain at Derby for the 2004-05 school year. She expressed concern that changes do not include change rooms for the gymnasium and that the Grade 7 students will have to change in the washrooms.
They are proposing that Derby Grade 7 & 8 students go to Hillcrest ES for the 2004-05 school year and that for 2004-05 Hillcrest ES send JK-6 students to Derby C.S. in order that there be room for the Grade 7 and 8 students.


The Board brought forward the following motions from Committee of the Whole Closed Sessions:

May 18, 2004
Bluewater DSB approved choosing a name for the JK-8 amalgamated school in Duraham effective September 1, 2004, and then approved the name of Spruce Ridge Community School for the JK-8 amalgamated school in Durham effective September 1, 2004.

June 15, 2004
•     Received Personnel Report #6 dated June 15, 2004.
•     Approved demolition of the 1928 wing of Hepworth Central Public School by August 31, 2004.
•     Received the report of the “Secondary School Administrative Placements 2004-2005”.
•     Received the “Addendum Report of the Principal/Vice-Principal Staffing Committee for Elementary Panel Placements 2004-2005”.


Policy Committee Report
The Board approved the following policies as amended:
•     Policy BP 7106-D “Transfer of Principals and Vice-Principals”.
•     Policy BP 2105-D “Recycling”.
•     Policy BP 6803-D “Nutrition”.

The Board also approved Policy BP 7380-D “Criminal Background Check”.

Educational Issues Committee
At its June 8th  meeting the Committee celebrated International Exchanges in Bluewater schools and recognized the work of coordinators for Student Exchanges, Joan and Jim Cochlin and John Everingham.
The Board passed a motion approving the Early Dismissal Plan 2004-05. The plan allows for a 1:30 p.m dismissal on Oct. 20 and Nov. 24, 2004 and Feb. 23 and Apr. 27, 2005.

Business Committee
At its June 8th meeting the Committee received a presentation entitled “Bluewater District School Board Draft Budget Release #2”.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Report
The Board received the report of the Joint Health and Safety Committee meeting held May 3, 2004.


Bluewater Regional Science & Technology Fair 2004 Report
John Twelves, President, Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair, and three Bluewater students spoke about their experience at the Canada Wide Science Fair in St. John, Newfoundland.

Field Trips
The following four field trips were approved by the Board:
•     Georgian Bay SS Varsity Rugby Team Trip – England and Wales (March 2005)
•     OSCVI and Walkerton District SS Field Trip to Cairo, Egypt, (March 13-27, 2005)
•     West Hill SS Senior Envirothon Team trip to Buckhannon, West Virginia, USA. (July 26-30, 2004)
•     Saugeen District SS Canadian and World Studies trip to Washington D.C., USA (Sept. 23-26, 2004)


Student Accommodation Review Report
Dean Currie presented the report stating that the report contains recommendations for all schools under review. In the past 30 days, there had been no new input other that what was presented.

The following ten resolutions were passed:
Victoria Public School
Approved closing Victoria Public School effective August 31, 2004, and transferring students to Sydenham Community School, Hepworth Central School, Keppel-Sarawak Elementary School, Hillcrest Elementary School, Derby Public School and Dufferin Elementary School.

Alexandra Community School
Approved deferring the student accommodation recommendation for Alexandra Community School subject to the Ministry funding announcement re: long term capital funding

Bayview Public School
Approved deferring the student accommodation recommendation for Bayview Public School subject to the Ministry funding announcement re: long term capital funding.

Derby Public School
That effective September 1, 2004, Bluewater District School Board retain Grade 7 & 8 students at Derby Public School to be phased in over 2004-05 and 2005-06.  
That Bluewater District School Board approve that renovations will be completed at Derby Public School to accommodate a Music and Science room.
That Bluewater District School Board approve that the gymnasium at Derby Public School will be replaced as capital funds become available and a final Ministry definition of “one school community” is received.

Dufferin Elementary School
Approved that Dufferin Elementary School receive students from the closure of Victoria Public School based on a projection of 27 students.

Hillcrest Elementary School
Approved that Hillcrest Elementary School receive students from the closure of Victoria Public School based on a projection of 73 students.

Keppel-Sarawak Elementary School
Approved that Keppel-Sarawak Elementary School receive students from the closure of Victoria Public School based on a projection of 51 students.

Strathcona Sr. Public School
Deferred the student accommodation recommendation for Strathcona Sr. Public School subject to the Ministry funding announcement re: long term capital funding.

Sydenham Community School
Approved that Sydenham Community School receive French Immersion Students from the closure of Victoria Public School based on a projection of 95 students.

Hepworth Central Public School
Approved that Hepworth Public School receive French Immersion students from Victoria Public School based on a projection of 20 students.

Budget 2004-2005 Update
Dean Currie stated that there have been no further announcements from the Minstry of Education regarding flowing money for Cycle 5 ISA money to date.

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

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