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Board Meeting Highlights

June 29, 2004 - Special Meeting


Wilson Gregg, Ontario School Bus Association Member Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
David Armstrong stated that at the National Transportation Week awards breakfast, Wilson Gregg, former co-owner of Gregg Brothers Buses, and a bus driver since September, 1954 was recognized for 50 years of accident free driving and was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Award was presented by Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar.
David Armstrong stated that Larry Kirby, Bluewater DSB Manager of Transportation, had presented Wilson Gregg with the Bluewater lapel pin of excellence at a recent bus operators meeting.

Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Delisa M. Schieven, presented a petition with 500 signatures stating that they are not in favour of the name of Spruce Ridge Community School recently selected by Bluewater District School Board for the amalgamated schools of Durham District CS and Saugeen Valley ES.


The Board brought forward a motion to receive the Personnel Report #6, dated June 29, 2004, from Committee-of-the-Whole Closed Session, June 29, 2004.


Policy Committee Report
The Board received the report of the Policy Committee Meeting held on June 15th. Policy BP 6821-D “Anti-Bullying” will come to the first meeting of the Board in September for approval.
The Board approved Policy BP 6501-D “Transportation” as amended and agreed that the policy will continue under review until the funding policy for transportation has been finalized. The Board rescinded Policy BP 6513-D “Bus Safety”.

Business Committee Report
At a special meeting of the Business Committee held June 29, 2004, the Committee received a final report on the 2004-05 budget and detailed information.
The Committee recommended and the Board approved the 2004-05 budget in the amount of $172,304,285 including capital expenditure funding and debt repayment equal to Ministry Revenues of $7,019,214.


The Special Education Plan Report
Michelle Forge presented the revised Special Education Plan 2004 that reflects amendments to the 2003 Plan. She stated that the Special Education Advisory Committee had approved unanimously the amendments to the plan for submission to the Board and the Ministry of Education.

The Board approved the Special Education Plan Amendments 2004.


Victoria Public School Closure – Records Transfer Report
The Board directed that the student records for current students of Victoria Public School be transferred to the appropriate school that the student will be attending in September 2004, and
that the remaining student records for previous students of Victoria Public School be transferred to Dufferin Elementary School.

Elementary/Secondary Staffing Report
Mary Anne Alton and Alana Murray presented an information update on staffing for the Board.

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - September 21, 2004

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