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Board Meeting Highlights

September 21, 2004


David Armstrong welcomed the 2004-05 Student Trustees to their first Board meeting. They introduced themselves, individually, and gave the name of the school they represent. They then took the Declaration for Student Trustees and signed the document.


Alana introduced Envirothon Team Coach, Carl Raynard, teacher at West Hill S.S., and stated that five members of the 2003-04 West Hill S.S. Senior Envirothon team had qualified to enter the Continental Competition held in West Virginia, USA, in July 2004, and placed 7th overall. These students have since graduated and have gone on to post-secondary education. Coach, Carl Raynard brought two members of the 2004-05 Senior Envirothon Team to the Board meeting.
The two students, Jon Lawless and Heather Reid, spoke about the background work that is involved in being a member of the Envirothon Team and responded to questions from trustees.
The Chair and Director distributed the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence to the students and teacher in attendance.


The Board brought forward the following motions from Committee of the Whole Closed Sessions:
Special Meeting June 29, 2004
•     Received the Report on the Management Plan for the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies effective September 2004.
September 21, 2004
•     Received Personnel Report #1 dated September 21, 2004.


Policy Committee Report
Carolyn Day stated that at a Special Board Meeting held on June 29, 2004, the Board received the Policy Committee Report (June 15, 2004). The report recommended that the Board approve the Policy BP 6821-D “Anti-Bullying” at its regular meeting of September 21, 2004.
David Armstrong outlined the significance of the Anti-Bullying  policy, stating that it constitutes a model for other district school boards and ties in with the Board’s Human Rights Policy.
Michelle Forge stated that trustees had received an update of the work of the Anti-Bullying Task Force.
The Board approved Policy BP 7380-D “Anti-Bullying”.
The Chair assured trustees that the policy would be referred back to the Anti-Bullying Task Force to consider a trustee’s recommendations for change.
Educational Issues Committee Report
At the Educational Issues Committee meeting held on September 7, 2004, there was a celebration of The Role of the
School District in School Improvement, Year Three. Dr. Lynne Hannay, Professor and Centre Head at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto Midwestern Centre provided a detailed overview of the report.
At the same meeting, Michelle Forge also shared information about the Turnaround Teams Program that will work one-on-one with struggling schools, where student literacy achievement is particularly low, to help them improve. Alexandra Community School has been identified for participation in the program for three years.
Business Committee Report
At its meeting on September 7th, the Business Committee received information on the following:
•     2004-05 Budget Update (Ministry announcement re special education grant, and learning opportunities grant)
•     Transfer of Bus Contracts


Michelle Forge and members of the System Administrative staff presented facets of Bluewater Summer Activities – July and August, 2004 Report.

Bluewater Summer Institute 2004
For four days beginning August 30th, more than fifty course offerings provided participants with a wide range of professional development opportunities.

Ontario Summer Literacy and Numeracy Programs
This Ministry of Education funded program to support the primary teachers of Ontario with the Early Reading and Early Math Initiatives required 30 persons to hold the program. In Bluewater, 55 teachers attended the Reading sessions and 51 teachers attended the Math sessions.

Thinking Mathematically – Exceptional and Creative Mathematics Instruction K-12
Bluewater and Upper Grand DSBs collaborated to present the two-day conference held at Hockley Valley on August 23 and 24. Ninety-five educators from Bluewater attended.

Bluewater Summer School
Summer School 2004 was held at four locations: OSCVI, Walkerton DSS, Pine Hill Section 20 School and Bayview P.S. Eight hundred and twenty-two grade 7-12 students were enrolled this year (402 elementary and 422 secondary students).

Summer at the IOEES
Three programs were offered: Eco-Adventurers Camp (July), Junior Gnats program, Canoe Camp. They hope to expand the Junior Gnats program next year.

Leadership Symposium
This is the seventh year for the Leadership Symposium held for two days in August. Approximately 100 Bluewater administrators and supervisory officers participated. The theme was “Building The Collaborative Culture of a Professional Learning Community” and featured Dr. Richard Dufour and Rebecca Dufour, well-known authors and educational specialists, as well as Barbara Bodkin, Director of Programming at OISE/UT.     

Community Use or Schools
Schools in Bluewater hosted numerous events during Summer 2004. The Board recognized how this additional use of schools impacts on the ability of the custodians to complete their summer maintenance of schools and expressed appreciation for the extra effort given by custodians.


Enrolment Report 2004-05
Mary Anne Alton and Alana Murray presented reports on elementary and secondary enrolments. The good news is that   the decline in enrolment appears to be less than projected and they offered rationale for this.
Construction Project Update Report
Michael Booth presented a Power Point slide presentation on facility renewal work 2003-04.
Professional Activity Day – September 27, 2004
Michelle Forge and Sue Loyst provided details of the Professional Development Day for Monday, September 27th and the many workshops that will be offered. All staff, including bus drivers, are invited to hear Barbara Coloroso, Keynote Speaker.

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - October 19, 2004

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