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Board Meeting Highlights

October 19, 2004


David Armstrong introduced student trustee, Robyn Smith, Grey Highlands Secondary School. She then took the Declaration for Student Trustee and signed the document.


IOEES Wins Award
In September, the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies was recognized for excellence in the field of Outdoor Education and outstanding contributions to Outdoor Education by the Council for Outdoor Educators of Ontario. Clive Card and Deborah Diebel were presented with the Robin Dennis Award at the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario Conference. Deborah Diebel presented the plaque to the Board and thanked the Board for its continued support of the program.

Anti-Bullying Task Force Information Update
The Board recognized the efforts of the members of the Anti-Bullying Task Force in organizing the Barbara Coloroso public presentation (Sept. 26) and Keynote Address (Sept. 27th P.D. Day) on Anti-Bullying and the many workshops offered in the afternoon. They were commended for the research and development for a policy and procedure to guide schools with their anti-bullying campaigns. The Task Force will continue their work with planning for administrator and staff professional development. Schools will now make anti-bullying plans unique to their own schools using the procedure guidelines and survey information.

Motions received from Closed Session held October 19, 2004:
•     Personnel Report #2 dated October 19, 2004.
•     Motion approving the Board’s participation in the Assistance Programme of the School Boards’ Co-operative Inc. regarding stop loss insurance for high cost WSIB claims.


Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report of a meeting held September 21, 2004, was received. David Armstrong, and Community Council members, Blair Hilts and Randall DeKraker, reviewed recommended revisions to the Foundations For Learning policy. The Policy Committee referred BP 1101 “Foundations for Learning” to the system for review.
The Board also passed the following motions approving:
•     Policy BP 1501-D “Board Operation”
•     Board By-Laws as amended.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee Report of a meeting held October 5, 2004. The Strict Discipline Program was recognized under Celebration. The program has been reviewed by the Ministry and has met or exceeded all the current provincial standards, resulting in an informal designation as “best practice”.

The following information reports were received:
•     Board Approved Trips for 2004-05 School Year (Approved in 2003-04 School Year)
•     Bluewater Literacy Plan 2004-05
•     Bluewater Intermediate –Senior Literacy Professional Development Plan
•     Thinking Mathematically Plan 2004-05.

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee report dated October 5, 2004, was received. The Committee received verbal information on the “Good Schools Initiative” whereby the definition of rural schools is based on population and postal code. Under this initiative, Bluewater DSB will receive an additional $430,000. The Board also received the August 31 Financial Report dated October 19, 2004.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Report
The Board received the Report of the Joint Health and Safety Committee dated September 23, 2004. It listed items that the Committee had dealt with.


Field Trip Requests
The Board approved the following field trips:
•     Bruce Peninsula District S. (Outers Winter Camp – Larkwhistle Corner) February 24-26, 2005.
•     Bruce Peninsula District S. (Outers Algonquin Park Canoe Trip) May 27 - June 3, 2004.
•     Kincardine District S.S. (Outdoor and Environmental Education Spring Canoe Trip) June 13-17, 2005

Summer School 2004 Final Report
Summer School was held in four locations, O.S.C.V.I., Walkerton D.S.S, Pine Hill Section 20 School and Bayview P.S. Todd Wainwright and Alex Cooper reported on the following areas related to the 2004 Summer School Program: Program and Enrolment, Staffing, Office Administration, Transportation. They provided recommendations in each area for 2005 Summer School.

Request to Apply to Dept. of National Defence Dependants Schools Overseas
A request from a teacher currently on leave from Kincardine District S.S. to apply to Department of National Defence Dependants Schools Overseas was approved by the Board.


Communications – Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees
Gerard Kennedy, Minister of Education - announcing two additions to the leadership team of the Ontario Ministry of Education, namely, Dr. Ben Levin, Deputy Ministry of Education, and Dr. Avis Glaze, Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario and Chief Executive Officer of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat.

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - November 16, 2004

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