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Board Meeting Highlights

December 14, 2004

Marnie Coke introduced the Kinghurst Community School band and they played several seasonal selections for the Board. The Director thanked the students and their conductor, Paul Hambleton (Principal of Kinghurst). They were presented with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

David Armstrong presided over the initial meeting of the Board until the election of the Chair. The initial portion of the meeting was followed immediately by the regular meeting of the Board.

Judy Galoska was nominated and acclaimed to the position of Chair and Jennifer Yenssen was nominated and acclaimed to the position of Vice-Chair.

The Chair stated that Chairs of Business, Educational Issues and Policy Committees would be elected at their initial meetings.

The following motions were received:
COTW – Closed Session - November 16, 2004
•     Motion to ratify the Memorandum of Settlement with OSSTF, Secondary Occasional Teachers bargaining unit incorporating changes for the time period September 1, 2003 to August 31, 2004, concluding the three year agreement for the 2001-2002 to 2003-2004 school years.
COTW – Closed Session - December 14, 2004
•     Motion to receive Personnel Report #5 dated December 14, 2004.
•     Motion to receive the report of the Principal/Vice-Principal Staffing Committee for elementary panel placements effective January 3, 2005.


Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report of a meeting held November 16, 2004 was received. The Committee considered the following reports and policies:
•     Community Recreation and Use Agreement – approved this agreement conditional upon it being approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. Following its approval the Committee recommends that Policy BP 5902-D, Appendix A “Community Education and Community Use of Schools Rental Schedule 2004-2005 be amended to reflect the agreement and be reviewed by Policy Committee.
•     Policy BP 3501-D “Purchasing”- referred to SAT Business Council for review.
•     Policy BP 6822-D “School Dress Code” - referred to the Community Relations and the Instruction Councils for review prior to being referred to the system and Student Trustees for review.

Educational Issues Committee Report
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee Report of a meeting held November 30, 2004. The Committee celebrated the following:
•     Anti-bullying System Support (Development of a K-12 Resource Document)
•     YMCA Peace Medallion (Sue Loyst and Anti-Bullying Task Force)
•     Assessment for Learning: Update on Policy and Procedure Implementation
•     School Community Council Fall Symposium

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee report dated November 30, 2004 was received. The Committee met briefly to receive OPSBA’s Letter to the Minister of Education regarding transportation and their submission to the Ministry of Education regarding 2005-06 grants.


Report of EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics: Board and Provincial Results 2003-2004
For the fourth year in a row Bluewater results continued to be higher than Provincial results. The Board will continue support for after school, summer school and remedial mathematics programs; ongoing staff development for teachers of intermediate mathematics programs; and the implementation of the Student Success Mathematics Initiative for Grades 7-12.

Field Trip Requests
The Board approved the following field trips:
•     Wiarton District H.S. trip (Boston and New York City, USA) - May 12-17, 2005.
•     Georgian Bay S.S. trip (Paris, France and Rome, Italy) - April 5-14, 2006.
•     Walkerton District S.S. trip (Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna and Salzburg, Austria; Venice, Italy; Lucerne, Switzerland; Bacharach, Germany) - March 9-23, 2006.
•     West Hill S.S. and OSCVI Art Trip to New York City, USA - May 19-23, 2005.

Request for International Exchange
The Board granted approval for Bruce Draper, teacher at Wiarton District H.S., to make application to enter into an International Educator Exchange.                    


Learning for a Lifetime: Annual report of the Director of Education, December 2004
David Armstrong presented the report and responded to questions from trustees.

School Support and Services Centre Backgrounder
Dean Currie presented a power point presentation along with the Backgrounder and a Question and Answer handout regarding replacement of the present facilities. He responded to questions from trustees.

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - January 18, 2005

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