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Board Meeting Highlights

February 15, 2005


Kate Walsh and Grade 7 Class at Strathcona Senior Public School
Principal, Burke Mason, Teacher, Kate Walsh, and four students from her Grade 7 Class at Strathcona Senior Public School were in attendance to provide an overview of their participation in a community-based project called the Limestone Barrens Project. Their task, after meeting with a photographer who discussed the art of photography, the art of seeing through a lens, the concept of balance of thirds and of having a sense of “place”, was to photograph the Inglis Falls area. The Limestone Barrens Project is a multi-media exhibition documenting a creative exchange among Ireland, Ontario and Newfoundland. Also present was David Hutt, Education Coordinator, Tom Thompson Art Gallery. The exhibition opened at the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery on November 26, 2004. He stated that the students’ photos will be exhibited on a web site for an international audience as well as being connected to projects in Newfoundland and Ireland.
The Chair, Vice-Chair and the Director of Education presented the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence and sent pins for the rest of the class.

Staff Appreciation Week (Feb. 13-19, 2005)
Mary Anne Alton stated that during Staff Appreciation Week the Board would like to acknowledge the very valuable contribution made by all the members of the Bluewater DSB team. She shared a copy of the advertisement in the Sun Times to honour all staff during National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week and a list of sample activities happening in various schools for trustee information.

Reports from Committee of the Whole (Closed Session)
The following three motions were brought forward from
COTW – Closed Session:
January 18, 2005
Ratification of an agreement with CUPE – Custodians and
February 15, 2005
i)      Received Personnel Report #6, dated Feb. 15, 2005.
ii)     The Chair reluctantly read a letter from David

Armstrong, Director of Education announcing his retirement, effective August 31, 2005. This announcement necessitated the following motion approved by the Board:
That Bluewater DSB conduct an internal search for the position of Director of Education and,
That Bluewater DSB conduct a province-wide (internal and external) search for an academic supervisory officer once the position of Director of Education has been filled.

The Board received the Policy Committee Report of a meeting held January 18, 2005, and approved Policy BP 5451-D “Media Resources Selection and Use ”. The Committee also considered the following polices:

BP 6301-D “Antiracism and Ethnocultural Equity” – referred to the Community Relations, Elementary and Secondary SAT Councils and Anti-Bullying Task Force prior to being referred to the system for review.
BP 7522-D “Assault, Sexual Abuse and Professional Misconduct Involving Board Staff” – referred to the system for review.
BP 3402-D “Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment – Disposal” – referred to the SAT Business Council prior to being referred to the system for review.
BP 3801-D “Health and Safety” – endorsed as previously approved by the Board.

Educational Issues Committee
The Board received the Educational Issues Committee Report of a meeting held February 1, 2005.
The Committee also received the following reports:

Celebration – AIM (Accelerated Instructional Method) – Language Learning demonstrated by students and Joanne Versteges, core French teacher from Derby P.S.
Secondary School Program Review - 2004/2005 Report – overview of the ‘Small High School Summit’ attended Nov. 25-27 and an overview of the next steps.
Placement of Elementary Principals/Vice-Principals for February 1, 2005.

Business Committee
The Board received the Business Committee Report of a meeting held February 1, 2005. The Committee approved receiving the Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements for the period September 1, 2003 to August 31, 2004.

The Board approved the following two field trips:
i)      Bruce Peninsula District S. – Grade 10, 11 and 12 students to travel to France and Spain from March 1020, 2006.
ii)     Walkerton District S.S. – Concert Band Field Trip to Orlando, Florida and Cozumel, Mexico from May 1522, 2006.

School Year Calendar 2005-2006 Report
The Board approved the school year calendar for 20052006.

Community Education Annual Report 2003-2004
The Board received the 2003-04 Community Education Report. (Cont’d over page)

STAFF REPORTS Banking Resolutions
The Board approved several banking resolutions including appointing CIBC as the Board’s banker, two borrowing resolutions, cheque-signing machine resolution and safety deposit box resolution.

Letter of appreciation from the Premier, Dalton McGuinty, for the generous support from Bluewater schools for the relief effort in South Asia following the Tsunami.

Communications – Staff/Trustees
1.      OPSBA Report Designed to Sustain and Strengthen Success in School for Students with Special Needs  
2.      OPSBA Symposium Update a) Programs and Services for Special Education b) Programming in Small Secondary Schools.

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - March 29, 2005

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