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Board Meeting Highlights

May 17, 2005


Family of Schools Awards of Excellence
David Armstrong welcomed the many community partners present for the Family of School Awards of Excellence. He stated that the program is designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts and contribution of one individual from each family of schools and the administration centres. Two winners, one from the Bruce Peninsula and one from the West Hill families of schools were unable to attend today. Their awards will be presented to them at celebrations at their respective schools. The following individuals were the recipients of the 2005 Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions:
•     Bruce Peninsula District S. Family – Terri Munn, Elementary Teacher, Bruce Peninsula D.S.
•     Chesley District High S. Family – Kerrie Lynn Boys, Teacher, Chesley District H.S.
•     Georgian Bay Secondary S. Family – Tom Trusler, Volunteer, Beaver Valley Community S.
•     Grey Highlands Secondary S. Family – Carolyn Nicholson, Volunteer, Macphail Memorial Elementary S.
•     John Diefenbaker Secondary S. Family – Wendy Racknor, JK/SK Teacher, Egremont Community S.
•     Kincardine District Secondary S. Family – Mary Senese, Teacher, Elgin Market P.S.
•     Saugeen District Secondary S. Family – Dave Preston, Chief of Police, Saugeen Shores.
•     Walkerton District Secondary S. Family – Susan Smith, Teacher, Mildmay-Carrick P.S.  
•     West Hill Secondary S. Family – Marc Boisvert, Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary School.
•     Wiarton District High S. Family – Jeff Brookshaw, Coop Teacher, Wiarton District H.S.
•     Administration Centres – Joan Farrow, Executive Assistant – Staff Development.

Induction and Mentoring Program for New Teachers Report
Richard Gerson, Administrator Employee Relations, reported that at the beginning of this school year Bluewater DSB began a formal program to orient and support teachers new to the profession. Forty-four beginning teachers (18 elementary and 26 secondary) were matched with forty-four experienced colleagues. He introduced Helen Penfold, a retired Bluewater administrator, who provided the professional direction for the program. Helen had previously worked with ETFO in developing Professional Beginnings, An Induction Resource Guide. She stated that Induction and Mentoring provides benefits for new teachers, mentors, schools and the system.

Two participants in the mentoring program, Kristi Sanderson (mentor) and Amanda Neilly (new teacher) shared their experience with the program.

The Chair and Director of Education presented Helen Penfold, Amanda Neilly and Kristi Sanderson with the Board’s Lapel Pin of Excellence.

Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Not Been Given
Five people requested to be heard with respect to the location for the School Support and Service Centre. Each delegation had three minutes to make their presentation to the Board. The following persons presented:
•     Barry Woodyard – Arran-Elderslie resident
•     Larry Hallett – Township of Chatsworth resident
•     Phil Jemmett – Subdivision developer – Chesley
•     Bob Gray – Hanover Business Person (Smitty’s Fine Furniture)
•     Joe Walsh – Arran-Elderslie resident

Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Eight delegations gave prior notice that they wished to speak with respect to the location for the School Support and Service Centre and they were heard in the order they were received. Each delegation had five minutes. The spokesperson’s name appears in brackets.
1.      Municipality of Brockton (Charlie Bagnato, Mayor)
2.      Town of Hanover (Bob White, Mayor)
3.      Municipality of Arran-Elderslie (Ron Oswald, Mayor)
4.      School Community Council – Dawnview and James A. Magee Schools, Hanover (Michelle Eccles and Leigh Butler)
5.      County Council –Bruce County (Mark Kraemer, Warden)
6.      City of Owen Sound (Ruth Lovell, Mayor)
7.      Chesley and District Chamber of Commerce (Peter Knipfel)
8.      Bruce County Federation of Agriciulture (Robert Emmerson, President)

Reports from Committee of the Whole (Closed Session)
The Board passed the following resolution in Committee-of the Whole in Closed Session on May 17, 2005:
Received Personnel Report #9, dated May 17, 2005.



Average Class Size 2004-2005 Report
The Board received the Average Class Size 2004-05 (Elementary and Secondary) Report for information. Average Class Sizes are: Elementary – 24.00 and Secondary 21.18. The range of averages falls between 19.20 and 28.92  
in the elementary schools and 17.40 and 22.68 in the secondary schools.

Bluewater Summer Institute 2005
Trustees received a copy of the Summer Institute 2005 Booklet. There are more than 80 workshops being offered  over four days beginning August 29, 2005. Information is also available on the board website at


Good Places to Learn Report
Dean Currie presented the


Conferences/Conventions/Out of County Meetings
OPSBA 2005 Annual General Meeting and Program – London (June 9-12).

Director of Education
Judy Galoska
Jennifer Yenssen
David Armstrong

Next Meeting - September 20, 2005

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