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Board Meeting Highlights

December 05, 2006

The Inaugural Meeting of the board was held on December 5, 2006 beginning at 10:30 a.m.
All decisions approved at the committee of the Whole meeting are pending final approval of the Board at their next meeting.

Mary Anne Alton administered the Oath of Office to the following elected, re-elected and acclaimed trustees.
·      Cindy Aitken – Re-Elected  - Township of Southgate, Grey Highlands
·      John Chapman – Acclaimed -Township of West Grey, Hanover
·      Marg Gaviller – Re-Elected - Owen Sound
·      Jan Johnstone – Acclaimed - Municipality of Kincardine, Township of Huron Kinloss
·      Ross King – Elected - Town of Saugeen Shores, Municipality of Arran-Elderslie
·      Marilyn McComb – Re-Elected - Georgian Bluffs, Township of Chatsworth
·      Carol Poucher-Urbshott – Elected - Town of South Bruce Peninsula, Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula
·      Jean Sullivan – Acclaimed - Municipality of Meaford, The Blue Mountains
·      Jennifer Yenssen – Re-Elected - Municipality of Brockton, Municipality of South Bruce

Jennifer Yenssen was nominated for the position of Chair and agreed to let her name stand.  There were no further nominations and Jennifer was unanimously declared Chair of the Board for the coming year.

John Chapman was nominated for the position of Vice-Chair and agreed to let his name stand.  There were no further nominations and John was unanimously declared Vice-Chair of the Board for the coming year.

Trustee Appointment to the Statutory Committees
The following trustees were appointed to the Statutory Committees:
·      Special Education Advisory Committee:  Marilyn McComb; Jean Sullivan
·      Supervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils Committee:  Jean Sullivan; Carol Poucher-Urbshott
·      Occupational Health and Safety Committee:  Cindy Aitken; Marg Gaviller

Memorandum pertaining to trustee qualifications from Margot Trevelyan, Director Labour Relations and Governance Branch was referenced as an information item

Chair                                   Jennifer Yenssen
Vice-Chair                              John Chapman
Director of Education   Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – December 19, 2006

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