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Board Meeting Highlights

December 19, 2006

A musical ensemble from John Diefenbaker Secondary School performed several selections for the Board.
Leon Hutton’s long service to the Board was recognized and she was presented with a bouquet of roses.

The report of the Business Committee was received. Included in the report was the election of Marg Gaviller as the Chair of the committee for the coming year and the appointment of Ross King to the audit committee.

The report of the Educational Issues Committee was received.  Included in the report was the election of Cindy Aitken as Chair of the committee for the coming year.

School Leadership Teams
An overview on the lateral capacity building initiative sponsored by the Ontario Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat was presented.  The work of the Egremont Community School Team which has been supported through this initiative was highlighted. Hepworth Community School has also been involved in the lateral  capacity building initiative.

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following trips were reviewed and approved by the Board:
KDSS –Ohio Rugby Classic – April 2007
OSCVI – Grade 11 Physical Education Hiking and Camping Trip – May 2007
WDSS – Eurotrip – March 2008
GBSS – Pursuits Winter Experience – January 2007

The Report of the Policy Committee was received.  Several policies were reviewed by the committee and referred to the system for review.  Highlighted was a newly developed policy “Aboriginal Self Identification” that the committee referred to First Nations partners for review.

The report of the November 23, 2006 meeting was received.
Agreement for Transportation Consortium
This agreement was brought forward to the Board to formalize the Student Transportation Consortia Agreement between the following three consortium parties:  Conseil scolaire des ecoles catholiques du Sud-Ouest, Bluewater District School Board and Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board.

Banking Resolutions
The banking resolutions for the year 2007 were brought forward to the Board for approval.

Financial Report
The fourth financial report for fiscal year 2005-06 was presented to the Board.  The report detailed an in year deficit of $874,000.  The 2006-07 budget is in the process of being reviewed to develop a deficit management plan.

Auditor’s Report
Linda Bross representing BDO Dunwoody presented the Auditor’s report for the year ended August 31, 2006.

Annual Report of the Director of Education
Mary Anne Alton presented the Director’s annual report.  The trustees were provided with highlights of the many incredible things happening in schools in Bluewater based on the Foundations for Learning framework.


Carol Mitchell, M.P.P. Huron-Bruce – Letter of congratulations to trustees.

Trustee Orientation– The trustees were provided with a publication “Educating Together”.

Chair                                                   Jennifer Yenssen
Vice-Chair                                              John Chapman
Director of Education                           Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – January 23, 2007


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