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Board Meeting Highlights

February 20, 2007

Staff Appreciation Week (February 11-17) was highlighted and a sample ad that was placed in local papers was shared.

An overview of the staff-led professional development opportunities that occurred in the system on February 1, 2007, was provided.

Bluewater’s Tragedy Response Team was recognized for their support following the deaths of six Bluewater students.  This team provides leadership and support to schools and the community during times of crisis and has done so for many years.  The individual members of the team were thanked for their ongoing commitment and dedication to this important work.

The report of the Business Committee was received.    A report of expenditures and revenues to January 19, 2007 with projections to August 31, 2007 was presented. Also outlined was the contingency budget reduction plan to cover the deficit.

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following trips were reviewed and approved by the Board:
GHSS – Hiking Trip – April 2007
GHSS –Cyprus Lake Camping Trip – May 2007
GHSS – Temagami Canoe Trip – June 2007
PSDS – Canoeing and Camping Trip – May 2007
PSDS – Kayaking and Hiking Trip – May 2007
PSDS – Bruce Trail Hiking Trip – June 2007

The Report of the Policy Committee was received.  Several policies were reviewed by the committee and referred to the board for approval.

The report of the January 25, 2007 meeting was received.   In their report SEAC recommended that the 0.6 F.T.E. Speech Language Pathologist be reinstated.

The Board approved the appointment of members and alternates to SEAC for the term of the Board.

Student Trustee/Senators identified the following items that they plan to address during the remaining months of their term:
•     more library time
•     more healthy food choices and lower costs for those choices
•     5 days homework free prior to exams to allow students to focus
•     number of spares per semester and number of courses that can be taken
•     review inclement weather policy when drafted

Early School Leavers Report
A summary report was presented to the Board that provided a definition of an early school leaver and the three identified types of early school leavers that have been identified.  The report also provided key recommendations that would help to create a school environment where all students feel welcome.

Supporting Student Success – Conversations with the Director
The Director presented a report created as a result of conversations held with students in each of the secondary schools in Bluewater.  Students selected at the school level represented each pathway and included the student senator/trustee.  Five questions were posed that correlated to the five key areas of the Director’s portfolio; Human Rights, Anti-Bullying, Wellness, Character Education and Parent Involvement.  An overview of key observations as well as a summary of the key points from the school visits was shared.

School Year Calendar
A proposed modified school year calendar was presented to the Board.  The proposed calendar would combine the five day March Break with Easter.  March Break would begin Friday, March 14 to Thursday, March 20 which precedes Good Friday, March 21 and Easter Monday, March 24.  The calendar also recommends that the six Professional Activity Days be scheduled for the following dates:
•     Monday, September 24, 2007
•     Monday, November 5, 2007
•     Friday, December 7, 2007
•     Friday, February 1, 2008
•     Friday, April 11, 2008
•     Thursday, June 26, 2008

Approval of this calendar is pending appropriate consultation.  

Joan Fullerton, Regional Manager, Barrie Office - Letter thanking the Director for sharing the annual report.
Letter to the Minister of Education – Letter from SEAC expressing concern about how funds are disbursed.
Marshall Draper – Thank you letter for being recognized at the Board meeting.

VISITORS:  Rick Johnson, President of OPSBA and Dave Walpole, Director of Program OPSBA attended the meeting.

Director of Education
Jennifer Yenssen
John Chapman
Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – March 20, 2007

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