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Board Meeting Highlights

April 17, 2007

Lori Wilder recognized three schools who received  Garfield Weston awards.  Representing their schools were Mary Reid, Principal from Walkerton Public School, whose school placed second in the Improvement in Academics category.  Also present was Larry Wise, Principal, Sullivan Community School, whose school received an Honourable Distinction in the Improvement in Academics Category and  Shona Anderson, Principal, Pat Lycheck, former Principal at Dawnview Public School, whose school received an Honourable Distinction in the Academic Achievement in Excess of Expectations.  

The March 20, 2007 report of the Business Committee was received.   At that meeting members received a presentation that reviewed Plant Operations.
The April 3, 2007 report of the Business Committee was received.  Members heard a presentation from a  Macphail Memorial Elementary SCC delegation who spoke of a safety concern in relation to fencing.  Also received was a report that provided projected expenditures to August 31, 2007.  A presentation was also received that reviewed the Board Administration budget components.

The April 3, 2007 report of the Educational Issues Committee was received.  Details were provided of a celebration planned for June 14, 2007 that will honour Senator Kirby and his role in the “Out of the Shadows at Last” report that identified WRAP as an exemplary program. Information was also provided on the implementation of the Link Crew that provides social and academic support for grade nine students by grade 11 and 12 student mentors.  Also presented was a resolution requesting OPSBA to renew its petition to the Government of Ontario for one school board system.

The March 20, 2007 Report of the Policy Committee was received.  The committee referred the Accommodation in the Workplace/Return to Work Program to the system for review and approved the Health and Safety Policy as previously approved. The committee deferred further discussion of the Inclement Weather policy to the April 17, 2007 meeting.  Also discussed was the issue of recruitment posters in schools.

The report of the, March 22, 2007 meeting was received.   The committee was informed that the Ontario Psychological Association funding was received and that a temporary psychometrist was hired until June 2008.  Funding has also been approved for the Model Project to Promote Positive Student Behaviour, a project that will further enhance our WRAP program.  An overview of the Marzano Modules was received and Karen Moss, Lead for the CODE project gave a presentation.

The Board approved the appointment of members and alternates to SEAC for the term of the Board.

Student Trustee/Senators reported on the presentation  given by Dr. Blye Frank who spoke on tolerance and diversity and how students and teachers can appropriately address diversity in schools.  It was also reported that a meeting of Student Senators who have been elected for the next term will meet on April 24th to receive an introduction to their role and responsibilities and that those interested in running for a Student Trustee position will be making speeches and three will be elected.

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following trips were reviewed and approved by the Board:
PSDS– Ireland and Scotland trip – May 8 – 17, 2008
WHSS–Boston Trip – October 25–28, 2007
Canada-Wide Science Fair – 2007 – Nova Scotia

Banking Resolution for Good Places to Learn Grant Phase 2
As required the Board filed a banking resolution with respect to the Good Places to Learn Grant Phase Two.

2007-08 BWDSB Budget Planning Process
A report was received that detailed how Senior Administration along with managers and administrators are preparing the budget plan based on a set of assumptions.  This plan was provided to assist the board in its review of the budget and to determine if the level of reporting meets their requirements.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Jan Johnstone, Chair of Policy Committee requested that the board highlight the 25 year anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  A report was presented to the board that highlighted how this event was celebrated n classrooms across Bluewater.  A generic announcement was provided to all schools as well as copies of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Bluewater’s Human Rights Policy, a listing of resources and websites as well as a resource entitled “Making the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Relevant in Bluewater Classrooms”.

News Release from the Ministry of Training, colleges and Universities
This news release pertained to an announcement of students learning locally through co-op diploma and distance education technology.

Director of Education
Jennifer Yenssen
John Chapman
Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – May 15, 2007

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