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Board Meeting Highlights

June 19, 2007

National and Provincial Awards
Mary Anne Alton, in recognition of schools that have achieved Provincial or National awards, reviewed a list of Bluewater Schools that during the 2006-2007 school year achieved distinction.

Ministry Visit
Jennifer Yenssen stated that it was a pleasure to host the Minister and provided highlights of the Minister of Education’s visit to the town of Kincardine on Monday, June 18th.  The Minister toured Elgin Market Public School and commented on how impressed she was with the programs she observed.

Awards of Excellence
Mary Anne Alton welcomed the members from the community who were in attendance for the Awards of Excellence and stated that it was the first year that the award was being given exclusively to members of the community to recognize their extraordinary contribution to education in Bluewater.  Each recipient of an award is a member of a family of schools and is nominated by others within that family of schools.

Award winners for the year 2007 are:
Connie Tackaberry, Bruce Peninsula District/Peninsula Shores District Family
Linda Thomson, Chesley District Family
Bob Lay, Georgian Bay Secondary Family
Beth Clark, Grey Highlands Secondary Family
Marg Poste, John Diefenbaker Secondary Family
Richard Yun, Kincardine District Family
Phil and Tracy Rintoul, OSCVI Family
Marie Melanson, Saugeen District Family
Sherryl Wilson, Walkerton District Family
Ross Graham, West Hill Secondary Family

Watson Morris provided trustees with a presentation on an initiative to reduce waste and carbon emissions that was prepared by three Kincardine District School Students.

The June 5, 2007 report of the Business Committee was received.   At that meeting members received Financial Report #3 for the 2006-07 year.  The report included actual revenues and expenditures to May 18, 2007, with projections to August 31, 2007.  A surplus of $765,916 is being projected.

The June 5, 2007 report of the Educational Issues Committee was received.  A report summarizing this year’s Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fairs and the Canada Wide Science Fair.  Information was received on the second annual First Time Full Time conference held in May, an event that provides opportunities for secondary students to receive industry recognized certification training.  

An information report on “Link Crew” was submitted in which secondary principals have recommended that the first day of school be a day for grade nine students, staff and link leaders only.  This concept has received unanimous support from the Secondary School Community Council Meetings and schools will proceed with staggered entry in September 2007.

Information was also received on a Learning Fair held on May 18th where learning teams from twelve schools, which included the two OFIP schools and ten additional schools, took part and had the opportunity to share strategies to improve student learning.

The May 15, 2007 Report of the Policy Committee was received.  The committee recommended that the Child Maltreatment (Suspected) – Reporting be referred to the Bard for approval as amended.  The policy on Aboriginal Self Identification was also referred to the Board for approval.  A draft policy on Inclement Weather was referred for review.  Recruitment posters in schools were discussed focusing on the appropriateness of certain posters. Further information will be gathered and returned to the committee for further discussion.

The report of the May 24, 2007 meeting was received.   The committee received updates on the Code Audit Team who checked on the progress of the CODE project and they acknowledged the work, improvement and growth in the school teams.  A memo from the Ministry regarding Applied Behaviour Analysis for students on the Autism Spectrum was received.  A presentation providing an overview of the Ontario Psychological Association Project was received as well as an update regarding the IEP engine changes.

The committee dealt with items pertaining to school lockdowns, staff safety awareness, school fire plans, board wide training requirements and worker concerns.

Chris Walker, student senator reported that students were frustrated with restricted sites on the Internet. This is an ongoing issue to achieve a balanced approach to avoiding student access to inappropriate sites.  Dialogue will continue with the incoming student trustees/senators.  

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following trip was reviewed and approved by the Board:
KDSS – Art Trip to Italy and France – March 5 to 18, 2008
GHSS – Cyprus Lake Camping Trip – September 11-14, 2007
GHSS – Killarney Canoe Trip – September 28-October 5, 2007
CDHS – Munich to Rome – Remembering Ortona 65th Anniversary Tour – November 11 to November 21, 2008
OSCVI – Trip to the Amazon, Peru – March to March 15, 2009
GBSS – Pursuits – Bruce Peninsula National Park Cyprus Lake Trip – September 11 to 14, 2007
GBSS – Pursuits – 24 Hour Experience Trip – November 15 and 16, 2007
GBSS – Pursuits – Bruce Trail Hiking Trip – October 22 to 26, 2007
GBSS Pursuits – Killarney Canoe Trip – October 1 to 5, 2007
GBSS – Pursuits – Winter Camping Trip – January 28 to 30, 2008

Schools on the Move: Lighthouse Program
This program has entered its second year with the recent announcements of 40 phase II schools.  St. Vincent-Euphrasia was congratulated on their selection as a School on the Move and they join Port Elgin-Saugeen Public School identified during Phase 1 with this designation.  The criteria for selection was improvement in EQAO scores in reading, writing and mathematics in both grades 3 and 6 from 2002-03 to 2005-2006.  It is an honour for Bluewater to have 2 of the 63 schools identified provincially.  Marnie Coke stated that there are many other Bluewater schools that could fulfill the same criteria.

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test Results – March 2007
Highlights of the EQAO test results of the Grade 10 Literacy Test for Bluewater District School Board was shared.  All eleven secondary schools have sustained pass rates greater than 75% for the past three years.

Trustee Letter of Resignation
Jennifer Yenssen, Chair of the Board read a letter of resignation from trustee Carol Poucher-Urbshott.  It was received with regret.

Director of Education
Jennifer Yenssen
John Chapman
Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – July 3, 2007 & September 18, 2007

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