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Board Meeting Highlights

September 18, 2007

Musicfest Canada – KTTPS Wins Gold
Steven Reid informed the trustees that Kincardine Tiverton Township School had traveled to British Columbia in the spring to participate in Musicfest Canada where they attained Gold.  He stressed that teamwork and commitment were central to making this dream come alive and that it was a story of how a community came together to support student learning.  Steven introduced Deb Raynor, Principal, Shelley Van Veghel, music teacher and community members Larry Fisher and Heidi Paisley.

The Business Committee  September 4, 2007 report was presented.   At this meeting members received a report regarding Enhanced Education Funding for 2007-08 and 2008-09.

The Education Issues Committee June 5, 2007 report was presented.  At this meeting the committee received reports pertaining to Link Crew that detailed activities that took place throughout the day.  Senior students will provide feedback on the success of the day.  Other reports received were Bluewater Financial Support of Activities, Student Success Program and Additional Placements of Principals and Vice-Principals.

The Policy Committee May 15, 2007 report was presented.  The committee recommended that the Human Rights policy and Medical and/or Physical Assistance – Provision of within the School be referred to the board for approval as amended.  They also recommended that the following new policies be referred to the board for approval:  Corporate Cards, Purchasing Cards and Petty Cash; Expenses (Travel, Meals, Mileage – Reimbursement; Advertising Expenditures Policy; and Advocacy Expenditures.

The SEAC report of the June 22, 2007 meeting was presented.   The committee received updates on three audits, as well as feedback from the auditors for CODE.  Information was received pertaining to a presentation by the Ministry of Education on Applied Behaviour Analysis (Autism).  The committee was also informed that a new Bluewater website was being developed and that there will be a Student Services section which will also link to SEAC information.
A presentation on the Tools for Learning Conference was given by Kathleen Murphy, Donna Torrie and Melissa McEwen.

There was no student report as it was the initial meeting for the Student Senators/Trustees.    However, the student senators/trustees were introduced at the meeting and said their declaration in unison.  Laura Campbell and Lauren Best student trustees also reported that they are on the Ontario Association for Student Trustees.

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following trip was reviewed and approved by the Board:
BPD – Outers Fall Hike – October 24-26, 2007
BPD – Outers Winter Camp – February 21-23, 2008
BPD – Algonquin Canoe Trip – May 16-23, 2008
CDHS – France, Italy Trip – March 9-21, 2008.

Core French in Ontario Schools/OPSBA/Core French OISE/UT Bluewater Research
A report was presented to the board informing trustees that the Director had responded on behalf of Bluewater in the spring and shared with OPSBA information about research being conducted in Bluewater.  The next step could entail partnering with OPSBA to conduct further research.

EQAO 2006-2007
Highlights were released of student achievement on the 2007 EQAO assessments of reading, writing and Mathematics. Students in Grades 1-3, Grade 6 and Grade 9 maintained the improvement in all areas which is an indicator that the focused attention that has been given to these core subjects continues to deliver strong outcomes.  In Secondary the results are higher then the provincial average.

Professional Activity Day Plan
A report was presented that outlined the plan for the September 24th PA day.   The day will focus on “Character Development” and Dr. Bruce Ferguson will provide the keynote address.  All employees will attend at a Secondary School in the morning to hear Dr. Bruce Ferguson’s comments who will be broadcasting live from OSCVI.

Enrolment Numbers
Preliminary elementary enrolment numbers were provided.  The numbers continue to show declining enrolment.  In Secondary the preliminary numbers indicate that there will be lower then projected enrolment.  It will continue to be tracked and analyzed to determine why the decline is greater then originally predicted.   

Election of OPSBA President
Jan Johnstone spoke to the process to elect a replacement for the person who had recently resigned from the position of President of the Ontario Public School Board’s Association.  

Parent Conference
Mary Anne Alton provided an update of the Parent Conference “Better Understanding the World of our Students” that is to take place on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at OSCVI.

Director of Education
Jennifer Yenssen
John Chapman
Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – October 16, 2007

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