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Board Meeting Highlights

January 22, 2008

Lori Wilder informed the board that this shared student experience between Walkerton District music students and SALEP students was a shining example of how the Bluewater Foundations for Learning and Bluewater Character Attributes can be used to provide a memorable learning experience for students.  Adrienne MacKenzie, music teacher at Walkerton District approached Beth Fischer, SALEP teacher and proposed that the SALEP students join the music students for a trip to Toronto to see the production of "Dirty Dancing".  This trip was a very positive experience for all students and in particular provided SALEP students with meaningful interactions with other students and identified that the barriers between the off-site school and the high school were artificial.  Luke Albert, Student Senator introduced the following who were in attendance at the board meeting:  Kara Nagel, Student SALEP Centre; Cayton Johnson, Student, SALEP Centre; Adriene MacKenzie, Teacher, Walkerton District; Stephanie Baker, Student Walkerton District; Paige VonHatten, Student, Walkerton District.  Kara Nagel spoke to the board emphasizing what a positive experience it was and that the experience had influenced her to return to the regular school program at Walkerton District next semester.  Kara also read a messge prpepared by SALEP teacher Beth Fischer which emphasized the impact of this experience on her students.

The Business Committee Report from the January 8, 2008 meeting was received.  A report was received that provided trustees with information on projects to be undertaken under the Good Places to Learn Program.

The Educational Issues Report from the January 8, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  At this meeting the committee received an overview of the SALEP program and the role of the SALEP Committee, a statutory committee of the board.  Handed out at the meeting was an approved package for trustees and student trustees/senators to use to support Character Development within their municipalities.  

At the December 18, 2008 meeting of the Policy Committee, Jan Johnstone was declared Chair for 2008.  The Policy Committee Report from the December 18, 2007 meeting was received.  The committee recommended that the Board approve the Safe Schools policy as amended and that the policy be referred to the system for review.  At their June 17, 2008 meeting additional input received from the system will be considered.  The Inclement Weather procedure was also reviewed.

There was no report available as the December meeting of the Special Education Advisory Committee was cancelled due to weather.

The Joint Health and Safety Committee Report from the December 6, 2007 meeting was received.  Items discussed at this meeting included a comparison report on slips, trips and falls, the Plant Department report, inspections, fire plans, lockdown plans and the WSIB Accident Summary.

April Thompson, Student Senator from SDSS provided the verbal Student Trustee/Senators' report to the board.  It was reported that a character development poster will be designed by students.  Students from each school will submit designs and the student trustees/senators will select the 10 elementary and 10 secondary designs to be used on the poster that will be plaque mounted.  Students are also going to be involved in the student consultation related to the Student Award Recognition Systems.

Field Trips and Exchanges
The following Field Trips were approved by the Board:
OSCVINormandy at 65 Trip - May 31 to June 9, 2009
OSCVI Senior Girl's Volleyball Tournament - Hawaii - March 7-16, 2009

Permanent Financing for Good Places to Learn - Stage 2
The board received a report informing them that Stage 1 and 2 of the Ontario Government "Good Places to Learn" capital initiative and "Prohibitive to Repair" programs are completed to the point where they are required to permanently finance the capital project costs.  In order to do so the board entered into an agreement with Ontario Financing Authority and passed a by-law authorizing a loan for the principal amount of $13,172,933.

New Teacher Induction Program
Trustees watched a DVD that provided them with Information on the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP), a program that matches new teachers with experienced teachers as mentors.  This is a program that was developed in cooperation and in consultation with federation presidents and is based on three concepts, Professionalism, Trust and Confidentiality.  It has been in place for 4 years in Bluewater, with the last 3 years being supported by Ministry of Education funding.

Budgeted Employment Tracking Report
The Board received for information the curent employment tracking report that shows the number of staff and actual numbers on the payroll.

A copy of a memo sent to staff of the schools identified by the Board to be part of the Accommodation Review process was provided to the trustees.

A letter from Joan Fullerton, Regional Manager, Barrie Regional Office was provided to trustees.  The letter was sent to thank the Director for Bluewater's collaborative approach used in working with all staff at the Barrie Regional offices and it also thanked Bluewater for the copy of the Director's Annual Report, stating that the annual report clearly illustrates the value that Bluewater places on promoting the joy of learning for all students and staff.

Director of Education
Ross King
Jennifer Yenssen
Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – February 19, 2008

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