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Board Meeting Highlights

January 20, 2009

Women in Trades
Jean Stephenson welcomed a special of team of people who were involved in the Skills Networking Dinner for Women, a dinner established to augment the participation of female students in the field of trades.  Jean introduced Barb Wright the OYAP Co-ordinator and Ellen VanEyke, co-op Teacher and Toni Jones, welder and student mentor.  All are part of a group who are responsible for the promotion and success of the dinner.  Barb Wright provided the board with background information pertaining to the establishement of this special event in Bluewater and how it started with funding from WIN (Women in Nuclear) and how that sponsorship has expanded to incorporate others.  Ellen VanEyke, spoke about how excited she was about the proposal and how she advertised for student participation and how the student's who attended were impacted by their participation. Ellen also provided the Board with the iimpressions of one her students, Jessica McQuarrie, who was unable to attend today's meeting. Toni Jones a welder at Hobarth spoke of her involvement as a mentor and provided several stories that she relates to students pertaining to their questions of how she handles with specific situations.  Toni stated that it is so rewarding to be able to inform young girls of her experiences in the trades and hopes that her mentoriship provides these young women with realistic impressions of what it is like to participate in the trades and that it can be rewarding for them as well.

Trustee Appointment to Statutory Committees
In accordance with Board By Laws the trustees appointed members to the three Statutory Committees.

Trustees received the Janury 6, 2009 report from the Business Committee where members received the first financial report for 2008-2009 outlining projected revenues and expenditures to August 31, 2009. was shared  In this report a surplus was projected which will assist in the deficit management plan.

The Educational Issues Committee Report from the December 16, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.   Student Voice an initiative of the Ministry of Education to elicit the student voice was celebrated at this memeting.  Trustees were advised that eight Bluewater students have applied to sit on the Minister's Student Avisory Council.  The Speak Up Student forum was piloted in the Barrie Region and a number of Bluewater student praticipated.  Erin Hardman, student senator attended and informed the board that it was an excellent experience where students developed topics, shared opinions and had the opportunity to run the conference.  Meagan Myles, student senator from BPDS also reported that she had applied for one of the places on the Minister's Advisory Council.  Trustees also recieved a presentaton on Engaging Learning Environments that provided an update on how the Standards of Practice are being implemented across the system to support student learning.

The Policy Committee Report from the Janaury 6, 2009 meeting was received by the Board.   At this meeting the committee held the elections for the position of Chair and Tim Reaburn was acclaimed to the position.  The committe reviewed several policies agreeing to forward each to various SAT Councils for review prior to them being returned to the committee.  One Policy "Aboriginal Self Identification" was deferred until the next meeting of the committee.

The SEAC report from the December 8, 2008 meeting was received.  The committee heard several updates including that in partnership with Keysone, Dr. Brenda McLister will be contracted to do some psychological assessments for students in the WRAP program.  It was also reported that we have submitted our Special Incident Portion and estimates for our Specialized Equipment Amount claims to the Ministry of Edudcation.  Background information pertaining to the move of the Section 23 classroom to G.C. Huston was also provided and that Keyston is the partner.  Truistees were informed that there will be 103 different sessions provided throughout the district at the April 23 PD Day which will focus on "Education for All".

In accordance with Ontario Regulaiton 464/97 the following appointment to SEAC were approved:
Dave Mason:  Association for Bright Children of Ontario (appoint as member)
Lillian Watterworth:  Associaiton for Bright Children of Ontario (appoint as alternate).

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Report
The board received the December 4, 2008 report from the Joint Health & Safety Committee.  The committee received reports and updates on Fall training, Fall inspections as well as a presentation from a representative from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board who went through reports that indicated that our board's reporting procedures were impressive and that although our incident rates were higher the severity of incidents were lower.  

Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee Report
Gail Nadjiwon, trustee presented an overview of the most recent meeting and stated that the first priority of First Nation People is language and that through Indian Affairs there is funding available for all grades.  It is hoped that curriculum being developed will benefit everyone in that it will depict history accurately so that not only Aborginal peoples but all will see how local areas were developed.  Theresa Root, trustee also provided an update on the meeting stating that they talked about curriculum and cross cultural training on PD days and that everyone needs to be encouraged to participate.  The issue of language and culture was also discussed in relation to the fact that the two cannot be separated and that the language needs to be incorporated earlier into the curriculum.  Participation at that committee was also presented as an issue, from trustee Root's perspective a teacher needs to be in place on the committee. As this is a joint committee with BGCDSB, this request will be made at the committee level.

Field Trips and Exchanges
There were no field trips presented to the Board.

40-Hour Community Involvemtn Activities
In compliance with the Ministry requirements trustees were presented with a list of additional community involvement activities to be added to Georgain Bay Secondary School, John Diefenbaker Secondary School and Walkerton District Secondary School.

Student Senate/Trustee Report
Student Senators/Trustees commented on their experiences on completing their 40 hour community involvement commitment required to obtain their diploma.  Consensus was that it was that they did not find it difficult to perform the required number of hours to be in compliance with the Ministry requirements.  Reil Warrilow also reported that at their meeting they received an update on EQAO and TRAIL.

Letter from Grey Roots Museum & Archives
A letter from Grey Roots Museum and Archives was shared with trustees.  The letter thanked the Board for donations on behalf of retirees' which supports student learning at the Museum and Archives.

Governance Review

Trustees broke into four groups to discuss the Ministry's consultation paper on Ontario School Board Governenace.  Each group discussed and responded to one of the four questions and the information is to be compiled into a report for discussion.

Establishment of Committees
A revised committee representation chart for the current year was provided to trustees.

Director of Education
Rick Galbraith
Jan Johnstone
Mary Anne Alton

Next Board Meeting – February 16, 2009

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