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Board Meeting Highlights

June 16, 2009


Provincial and National Awards

Mary Anne Alton, recognized schools, students, staff and community members who have achieved Provincial or National recognition during the 2008-2009 school year.  Special congratulations were given to student senators, Meagan Myles and Anna James who were each awarded a Millennium Scholarship worth $25,000.  Anna was also awarded a $70,000. TD Bank Scholarship.

West Hill Production
An overview of the West Hill drama production "Crystal Clear: Death by Meth" was provided by Mary Anne Alton.  This production was originally seen by students when they were in grade 9 and it had such an impact that when the reached grade 12 they revisited the original script, reworked it and performed the play again for a new grade 9 audience.  FOCUS support allowed for this play to be performed at the Bijou Theatre in Chesley, and at West Hill Secondary School.  In attendance at the meeting were: Lacey Mooney and Joe Flagler, cast members; Bricklin Auer and Jeremy Cooper, sound & light crew; Lisa Billings, teacher/Director; Chris Ewing, teacher/Tech Crew Supervisor; Bernice Payne, principal; Peter Hughes, vice principal, Marie Barclay, Grey-Bruce Health Unit/FOCUS and SAAC sponsors.  Cast members Lacey Mooney and Joe Flagler recognized the rest of the cast members and their amazing teacher, Lisa Billings.

Schools on the Move
it was announced that the Beavercrest Community School has been invited to be part of the Phase IV Schools on the Move 2009-2010 initiative.  They join Dufferin, St. Vincent-Euphrasia and Port Elgin-Saugeen Central Schools who were designated in previous phases of this initiative.  A plaque of recognition was presented on behalf of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat to Leigh Morris, principal, Chris Smits, math contact teacher and Teresa Routenburg-Brown, literacy contact teacher honouring Bevercrest's selection.

Regular Meeting of the Board - September
The late school start requires that the Board approve changing the regularly scheduled Board meetings in September.  It was agreed tho change the regular meeting of the Board from the third Tuesday to the fourth Tuesday in September and that additionally the September Committee meetings are to be held on the second Tuesday and the fourth Tuesday in September.


Rhonda Brown, member of the Bayview SCC presented the view of some parents in relation to the decision to improve the parking lot at Bayview Public School, stating that there is a global movement to encourage kids to get out of cars and to walk and that there are grants and funding available to communities to encourage this.  Programs like these would eliminate the need for additional car spaces instead of creating more and would also reduce our carbon footprint.  Trustees were informed that at an SCC meeting there was a vote and the majority of parents at the meeting do not want parking lot upgrades at Bayview.  

Richard Thomas, Chair of the Bayview SCC presented that at the previous nights SCC meeting that parents supported the fact that they do want improvements but this proposal is not the right one now.  Richard provided background on how this issue has grown and described the procedural shortcomings of the SCC group as they do not have any governance by-laws. Ballots were handed out and 35% were returned and of those ballots 45 supported and 40 were opposed.  Since the motion passed, more ballots have come in and the count is 49 in favour and 40 opposed, with one person changing their vote when provided with further information.  Previously a precedent was set when members were allowed to vote at their first meeting.  It was Richard's request that the Board ensure that all SCC's develop governance by-laws during the 2009/10 school year.

Jim Thorpe spoke to trustees on the Notice of Motion pertaining to rotary that would be voted on at the meeting.  He encouraged trustees to support the motion and return the rotary system to schools.  In so doing all partners in education could move forward and be involved in a positive education experience for students in Bluewater.  He also encouraged trustees to ensure that the intent of the motion is followed and that they keep in touch with their SCC's and Parent Involvement Committee.


Kevin Larson provided trustees with a presentation on rotary.  He provided his perspective as a parent of children who had experienced the rotary system and that Port Elgin Saugeen Central received a School on the Move designation in 2005/06 when it was still using the rotary model.  He asked trustees to support the motion and allow teachers to teach to their strengths.
Lesa McDougall informed trustees that she was present to represent the Bluewater Citizens for Education Group, and that they appreciate the efforts of the Board to allow open, transparent communication at the public meetings.  She asked the Board to use their authority, set priorities and to put students first. She stated that the Public Outreach Meetings revealed concerns of citizens and that they were not just the voices of a few disgruntled parents.  It was her opinion that the concerns represent systemic failures. and requested that the board respond to a series of questions.

Teri-Lyn Campbell presented to the trustees her concern that resources pertaining to the Free the Children programming have not been made available to schools.  It is her opinion that the downloading of expenses for resources to support a program that is a partnership between two organizations is unacceptable.  It was her request that a bulk purchase be initiated to reduce school expenses and that the supporting resources be in place for September 8th at the schools that are participating in this program.

Notice of Motion Report
As requested by the Board, Senior Administration provided trustees with a report with background information related to the decision to reduce rotary in Bluewater Schools.  The report included an overview on the background, a summary survey reviewing reduced number of teacher contacts for elementary students in 2008-09, as well as a report that provided additional research background.

Notice of Motion from May 19th Board Meeting
The Notice of Motion presented at the previous board meeting was brought forward and trustees agreed to divide the question, separating number 2 from the original motion, letting it stand on its own as a motion.  Trustees voted in favour of the rest of the original motion as made at the previous meeting, defeating a motion to further amend the motion.  The following two motions were approved by the Board.
First Motion:
1.  That starting for the 2009-2010 school year principals may timetable so that classes receive up to on-half of their program in a rotary delivery model.
2.  That the Bluewater Standards of Practice: Non-negotiables be revised to reflect this change in practice.
3.  That any further mandatory reductions of rotary component at the intermediate level not take place until adequate comparative data is or will be compiled and the results assessed before any decision on the organization of Grade 7 and 8 instruction is made.
Second Motion:
That the Policy Committee develop a policy on consultation in order to provide school communities with clear direction on the board's expectations for when consultation will occur and what forms such consultation will take.


Trustees received the June 2, 2009 report from the Business Committee where members received two delegations from members of the Bayview School Community Councils.  Reports pertaining to Administrator Placement and Energy Efficiency School Funding update were received.  The Committee supported sending a letter from the Board to the Minister of Education supporting the Bruce Peninsula School Community Council's request to have funding through the Geographic Circumstances Grant re-established.  A public budget meeting was held during the afternoon and members received a draft template of the 2009-2010 budget.  


The Educational Issues Committee Report from the May 19, 2009 meeting was received by the Board.  Members celebrated good news regarding the junior and senior Science Fairs held in April and the results of the Canada Wide Science Fair held in Winnipeg, May 9th to 17th where two students received bronze medals and one other student received an honourable mention.  A MISA/OnSIS update was received.  They are both Ministry initiatives, OnSIS was implemented to assure quality data was received and the MISA initiative focusses on the preparation of corporate data bases and the development of processes relating to the submission of required Ministry reports. Information was also shared regarding the workshop "Teach Me to Differentiate Workshop" being presented as a voluntary evening course with 24 teachers enrolled.  A report that provided trustees with an overview of all presentations received by the Educational Issues Committee during the 2008-2009 school year was reviewed, and trustees were requested to provide direction on presentations for the coming year.

The Policy Committee Report from the June 2, 2009 meeting was received by the Board.  The committee reviewed responses received to Policy BP 2105-D "Environmental Sustainability" recommending that the name to this policy be changed and that the policy be approved as amended.  It was also recommended that the Board establish an "Environmental Issues Committee."  Policies reviewed and recommended that they be endorsed as previously approved were:  BP 3402-D "Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - Disposal" and BP 7522-D "Assault, Sexual Abuse Professional Misconduct Involving Board Staff".  Policies reviewed and recommended for approval with amendments were:  BP 1415-D "Tobacco Free Environment", BP 5602-D "Field Trips" and BP 6302-D "Aboriginal Self Identification" and the committee also agreed to change the title of this policy to "First Nation, Metis and Inuit Self Identification".  The committee also agreed to create a sub-committee to review the Board By-Laws and that the results of that review be reported back to the Policy Committee.


The SEAC report from the May 25, 2009 meeting was received.  The committee received updates on the number of students participating in the "No Child Without" program, that a survey regarding PPM 140 on Autism has been completed by the Ministry, the planning which is underway for the September 2nd PD day and that representatives from Superior Greenstone Board visited Bluewater to learn about our WRAP program.  Members received a presentation on the Educational Assistant Framework and clarification was provided regarding the May 5th Public Budget Meeting and their questions from that meeting.

A report from the May 7th, 2009 meeting was provided.  The following updates were included:  phone land line availability in schools - all schools will have a dedicated phone land line by the end of June; Health & Safety Department is preparing lock out kits for every site; the result of a survey on the level of knowledge pertaining to accident reporting and investigation; WSIB injury statistics; workplace violence regulation; and worker concerns.  


Field Trips and Exchanges
Alana Murray introduced teachers Alex Cooper (WDSS) and Jan Wilson (JDSS) and students James Wilton (WDSS) and Vicky Marshall (JDSS) who presented a slide show and shared their experience while on the Egypt 2009 educational field trip.  

Peninsula Shores District School - Europe Trip - May 4 - 15, 2010
Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students from grades 9 to 12 from Peninsula Shores District School to participate in the Europe Trip from May 4 - 15, 2010.

Grey Highlands Secondary School - Victory in Europe/Liberation of the Netherlands - April 30 - May 7, 2010
Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students from grades 9 to 12 at Grey Highlands Secondary School to participate in the Victory in Europe/Liberation of The Netherlands Trip from April 30 - May 7, 2010.

Grey Highlands Secondary School - Rugby - Scotland Tour - March 12 - 21, 2010
Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students from grades 10 and 12 to participate in the Rugby - Scotland Tour from March 12-21, 2010.

Saugeen District Secondary School - Costa Rica 2011 - Coast to Coast Trip - March 6-14, 2011
Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students from grades 10 to 12 to participate in the Costa Rica 2011 - Coast to Coast Trip from March 6 - 14, 2011.

Student Senate/Trustee Report
Reil Warrilow, Student Trustee informed trustees that Matthew Blackshaw, a student from West Hill was the first place winner of the national Concours d'art oratoire, sponsored by CPF.  Mathew is a Core French student, and his win provides him with a $20,000. scholarship to the University of Ottawa.


OFA Financing for Education Centre

The Ministry has confirmed that the board has been granted approval to finance the Education Centre through the Ontario Financing Authority.  The Long-term financing will be in the amount of $8,300,000, the same amount approved for short-term financing.

Budget 2009-2010 - Possible Areas for Reduction
To finalize the budget, trustees have determined that there will be a budget meeting held on Monday, June 22, 2009 and that it will be followed by a Special Meeting of the Board to approve the budget.

Notice of Motion

Trustee Ross King provided the following Notice of Motion that will come forward at the September 22, 2009 meeting of the Board:
In the spirit of improving consultation, communication, and accountability between SAT and Trustees be it moved:
a)  that SAT inform the trustees of any new initiatives that are being contemplated, of any changes in the system that are being discussed, and of any new directives from the Ministry;
b)  that the trustees receive monthly reports from the Supervisory Officers (in closed or open session depending on the content of the report) concerning the issues (especially parental) that they are dealing with in each of their areas;
c)  that the Director provide the trustees with a monthly report of his/her activities with respect to the BWDSB both within and outside the board;
d)  that the chair and/or vice-chair of the board provide the trustees with a full report of the discussions at the Executive meetings;
e) that the Director/Chair/Vice-Chair endure that all the trustees receive copies, in a timely manner, of any correspondence addressed to the trustees and received by the Director/Chair/Vice-Chair on behalf of the trustees;
f) that the trustees consider realigning our committee times so that we use the time usually allotted for our PLC to receive and discuss the above listed reports.



Trustees were provided with a media release distributed by CPF (Canadian Parents for French.  It details the winners of this year's national Concours d'art oratoire held at the University of Ottawa on May 30th.  Included in this year's list of winners is Matthew Blackshaw, from Owen Sound who placed first in the core extended category.

Director of Education

Jennifer Yenssen
Jan Johnstone
Mary Anne Alton



Next Board Meeting – September 22, 2009

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