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Plant & Sites
Plant & Sites Personnel
(519) 363-2014 [Telephone]
(519) 370-2911 [Plant Fax]

Owen Sound Maintenance Shop
(519) 376-8588
(519) 370-2970 [Fax]

Plant Services:
Dennis Dick, Manager, Plant Services Operations
John Bumstead, Assistant Manager, Plant Services
Jayme Bastarache, Supervisor of Project Development
Jason Spitzig, Assistant Supervisor of Facilities Services
Bill Morton, Supervisor of Plant Operations
Terry Stewart, Supervisor of Custodial Services
Scott Millar, Assistant Supervisor Custodial / Community Services
Lindsay Rourke, Plant and Sites Assistant
Vicki Murphy, Plant and Sites Assistant
Suzanne Sachs, Head Custodian
Deborah Lounsbury, Custodian
Tyler Dunbar, Courier Driver

Maintenance Shop, Owen Sound:
Brent Wathke, Supervisor Facilities Services

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