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Financial Services Department
Community Planning & Partnerships
The purpose of the Ministry of Education Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline March 2015 is to encourage school boards to reach out to community organizations to share planning information on a regular basis.  This allows school boards and other entities to work together to the benefit of boards, students and the community, and to optimize the use of public assets. It provides opportunities to share facilities with community partners when building new schools and undertaking significant renovations, when considering the use of unoccupied space in schools, and when considering properties associated with schools that may close and sites that may be considered for future disposition.

Community Planning and Partnerships allow for maximizing the use of public infrastructure; reducing facility operating costs; strengthening relationships between school boards and community partners and the public; and improving services and supports available to students.  Potential partnerships for consideration must be financially viable for the board.

Planning and Notification
Bluewater District School Board will post to this site, information regarding any intention to build new schools or undertake significant renovations and the availability of space in existing schools in order to provide an opportunity for entities to express interest in sharing facilities with the school board.  Currently:

Available space  
On May 2, 2017, the Business Committee received a report that included a list of Bluewater schools having unused space and could accommodate an appropriate community partnership.

To review the May 2, 2017 report and the list of available schools, please click here.

Please call the Bluewater District School Board Education Centre at the number below to inquire further.
New builds  
  • John Diefenbaker Senior School, Hanover
  • Funding from the Ministry of Education in the amount of 24.1 million dollars has been approved for a new K-12 school in the Meaford area.
  • East Ridge Community School
        - partners include YMCA and Ontario Early Years
  • Owen Sound District Secondary School
        - 2-year renovation project

Interested community partners are invited to indicate their interest by completing an Application of Interest for Community Facility Partnership for review by the Community Planning and Partnership Committee.

In addition, Bluewater District School Board encourages community partners to notify the board when planning to build new facilities.

2017 Annual Meeting
The 2017 Community Planning and Partnerships Meeting was held at the Education Centre in Chesley on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 commencing at 6 p.m.  Thirty-four guests, representing upper and lower tier municipalities and community organizations, attended to exchange information and ideas with trustees and board staff on potential partnership opportunities.  Further details will be posted shortly.
2016 Annual Meeting
The second annual public meeting under the Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline was held at the Education Centre in Chesley on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 commencing at 6 p.m.    The meeting was deemed a resounding success. Thirty-nine invited guests, which included a broad cross section of representatives from local community organizations, along with senior staff and council members from upper and lower tier municipalities, came together for a productive discussion and exchange of ideas regarding potential facility partnership opportunities.

The meeting included an overview from board staff on capital planning priorities and the criteria surrounding partnerships involving the use of space in board facilities.

To review the presentation on the board's Long Term Capital Plan, please click here.

To review the presentation on the criteria for community partnerships, click here.

Following the board presentations, organizations/municipalities made presentations as below.  Please click on the link to review:

The notes of discussion from the meeting are posted here.

Community organizations are invited to indicate their interest in partnerships with Bluewater District School Board at any time during the year by completing an ‘Application of Interest for Community Facility Partnership’, located above.

More information
For more information regarding Community Planning and Partnerships, refer to Bluewater District School Board Policy BP2360-D and Procedure AP2360-D.

Please contact Kelly Helm for more information by phone at 519-363-2014 or by email to

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