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Welcome to 2018 Summer School

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New this year, students will complete their Summer School credit through online learning with optional access to face-to-face teacher support.

All credits will be delivered using the virtual learning environment, or vLE.  Students will have access to their course material at all times and will be able to complete assignments outside of the scheduled instructional time. The course teacher will be available online daily through the vLE school hours. Teachers will provide live instructional sessions at set times throughout the day. If the student cannot join these sessions while they are in progress, recordings will be made available for viewing at alternate times.

To ensure students are successful, a number of satellite locations will be available around the district. These locations will be staffed by teachers and will provide students with access to laptops, technical support, reliable internet connections, and safe, comfortable places to learn.

General Information

Upgrade, transfer and new credit secondary courses will be offered on-line through the vLE to current secondary students and adults.  Please see the secondary phamplet for more information.

"Reach Ahead" secondary new credit courses will also be offered on-line to strong level 3 or 4 students entering Grade 9.

Non credit elementary courses will be offered face-to-face to current Grade 7 and 8 students.  Please see the elementary phamplet for more information.

Questions may be directed to:

519-923-2622 Ext 527
Cheryl Leifso  (
519 363 2014

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