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Director’s Message – UPDATED June 21, 2017
On National Aboriginal Day (June 21, 2017), I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the many outstanding achievements and contributions of our Indigenous communities in Bluewater.  It is a time to reflect on and celebrate our Indigenous students, families, staff, community partners and volunteers, who do so much to enrich our school communities and expand our daily learning through their unique culture and deep history.      

The summer solstice, which coincides with National Aboriginal Day, has an important place in longstanding Indigenous traditions.  During this period of renewal and changing of the seasons, Indigenous people across Canada come together to celebrate their culture through dance, song and a variety of festivities.  The important recognition by the Government of Canada in declaring June 21 as National Aboriginal Day, and more recently, June as National Aboriginal History Month, serves a greater purpose in fostering awareness and appreciation of the heritage and history of our Indigenous communities and citizens.  We see this on an ongoing basis in Bluewater through school initiatives, such as pow wow events, student art collaborations, learning activities that incorporate the Seven Grandfather Teachings, and countless other awe inspiring projects led by our amazing staff and students.              


Image of Director of Education Alana Murray

Alana Murray
Director of Education