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[November 20, 2007]

Excellence in Education

Bluewater District School Board Website:
A Commitment to Communication

In December of last year a team was formed with ICT Staff members Val Roulston Client Services Technician, and System Engineers Kathy Harker & Fred Johnston. In cooperation with Michael Morgan, Kathy & Val embraced the process of bringing the website online while Fred provided the behind-the-scenes support to the technical requirements of the system.

The web-site development efforts concentrated on:

adapting existing content to the new website environment
focusing on the detail of implementing a quality site representing the Board as a whole to the public;~ parents, students, teachers, staff and community
the goal to reflect the context of the Board’s Foundation Principles into the creative influence of the web design
mirroring the interdependent nature of the Board within the layout of the website

These challenges were met by developing the website in parallel with consultation and input from the System Administrative team and identified groups. Leading into the current school year, the team expanded the district website with a representation of each school within the Board. Since then training is ongoing with staff and teachers. By sharing direct, simple-to-use access to the website, the objective of enabling the use of a current and powerful communication tool is met.

Recognizing that the Bluewater website will touch everyone inside and outside of the organization, the team continues to grow and looks forward to the next collaborative phase with the departments, schools, teachers and students.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
November 20, 2007
For more information please contact
Steven Reid,
Superintendent of Instruction

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