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Bluewater Education Foundation

In the mid 1990s with significant political pressure on school boards to reduce expenditures, a group of interested people got together to form an organization that has evolved to become The Bluewater Education Foundation. This committed group of community volunteers works with a small professional staff and many supporters to improve educational opportunities for students from across Bruce and Grey Counties.The Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies
These opportunities for students are simply not possible through the usual education-funding model.

Working closely with Bluewater District School Board, the Foundation's Board of Directors is comprised of twelve members with six representing each of the two counties. These dedicated business and professional people bring a wide diversity of skills to our organization and together they demonstrate a synergy that is most evident in recent accomplishments.

The Foundation has existed for almost ten years and from the start has focused on its signature project: Inspired by Nature. This project has as its ultimate goal the replacement of all of the 'temporary' facilities at the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies and the establishment of the outdoor education program as a permanent component of the educational program for our children.

The Bluewater Education Foundation has as its mission statement: Creating a Legacy For Learning. In terms of enacting this mission, our organization works closely with the staff and trustees of Bluewater District School Board. Rather than lament what tax dollars are not doing for our students, the Foundation is positively oriented toward fundraising in support of educational enhancements for the children. This is nowhere better demonstrated than in the Inspired by Nature project. Working closely with the school board, the Foundation has been successful in raising the capital dollars to replace the kitchen/dining hall and dormitories at the Institute. This first phase of the project was officially opened on October 21, 2006.

In the weeks and months to come, The Bluewater Education Foundation will be taking on new challenges. Not least among these will be the second phase of Inspired by Nature as well as other projects that could not be completed through the school board's regular budget.

Anyone who wishes to become involved in these endeavours is most welcome. Community members are welcome to become a volunteer and, of course, donations are especially welcome. All gifts are tax-deductible and will be used to enhance opportunities for young people right here in Bruce and Grey.

P.O. Box 283
Wiarton    NOH 2T0

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