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Prior Learning Assessment Recognition
Application Information

Application Information:  10 steps Before You Complete the Application Form:

1.      Research the overall and specific expectations of the course you want to challenge. These expectations, posted on the Ministry of Education website, will form the basis of the evaluation.

2.      Note the Course Title and the 5-digit Course Code. You will need to provide this information on your application.

3.      Gather the evidence you plan to submit to support your Application to Challenge. You will need a minimum of three of the following:
        plar_logo.jpgLetter(s) of recommendation
        plar_logo.jpgA portfolio of relevant work
        plar_logo.jpgProof of successful relevant experience in a supervised setting
        plar_logo.jpgProof of independent learning in a relevant area
        plar_logo.jpgA videotape, audiotape or CD with samples of relevant work
        plar_logo.jpgProof of relevant prior learning

4.      Ask the Guidance Department for your Ministry Identification Number, a current copy of your Ontario Student Transcript and a copy of your Individual Education Plan, if applicable. You will also need to copy the page(s) of your Annual Education Plan that show the PLAR challenge as part of your educational goals.

Completing the Application Form:

5.      Download the application form. You may require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the application file.

6.      Complete the form and make a copy.

7.      If you are under 18 years of age, both you and your parent/guardian must sign the form.

After Completing the Application:

8.      Submit one of the signed copies of the form and all required and supporting documentation to the Principal by the deadline. (See "Important Dates" under PLAR Timelines Information.)

9.      The Principal will ensure the application is complete before forwarding it to the Board Challenge Committee for evaluation.

10.     You will receive notification from the Board Challenge Committee about your eligibility to proceed with the challenge.

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