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Prior Learning Assessment Recognition

Gr. 10, 11 and 12 Courses Students Can Challenge

PLAR challenges will be based on the overall and specific expectations of the course.

Listed below are the Grade 10,11 and 12 courses students can challenge.

The Arts
- Dance, Gr.10, Open, ATC2O
- Dance, Gr.11, Open ATC3O
- Dance, Gr.11, U/C ATC3M
- Dramatic Arts, Gr.10, Open, ADA2O
- Dramatic Arts, Gr.11, Open, ADA3O
- Dramatic Arts, Gr. 11, U/C, ADA3M
- Exploring the Arts, Gr.12, Open, AEA4O
- Media Arts, Gr.10, Open, ASM2O
- Media Arts, Gr.11, Open, ASM3O
- Media Arts, Gr.12, Open, ASM4O
- Music, Gr.10, Open, AMU2O
- Music, Gr.11 Open, AMU3O
- Music, Gr.11, U/C, AMU3M
- Music, Gr.12, U/C, AMU4M
- Visual Arts, Gr.10, Open, AVI2O
- Visual Arts, Gr.11, Open, AVI3O
- Visual Arts, Gr.11, U/C, AVI3M
- Visual Arts, Gr.12, U/C, AVI4M

Business Studies
- Introduction to Business, Gr.10, Open, BBI2O
- Business Information Technology, Gr.10, Open, BTT2O
- Introduction to Financial Accounting, Gr.11, U/C, BAF3M
- Introduction to Accounting, Gr.11 Workplace, BAI3E
- Principals of Financial Accounting, Gr.12 UC, BAT4M
- Accounting for a Small Business, Gr.12, Workplace, BAN4E
- Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies, Gr. 11, College, BDI3C
- The Enterprising Person, Gr.11, Open, BDP3O
- Entrepreneurial Studies: Venture Planning, Gr.12, College, BDV4C
- Information Technology Applications in Business, Gr.11, Open, BTA3O
- Information Technology in Business, Gr.12, College, BTX4C
- Information Technology in Business, Gr.12, Workplace, BTX4E
- Introduction to International Business, Gr.12, U/C, BBB4M
- Introduction to International Business, Gr.12, Workplace, BBB4E
- Introduction to Marketing, Gr.11, College, BMI3C
- Introduction to Retail and Services Marketing, Gr.11, Workplace, BMX3E
- Organizational Studies: Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources, Gr.12, U/C, BOH4M
- Organizational Studies: Managing a Small Business, Gr.12, Workplace, BOG4E

Canadian and World Studies
- Civics, Gr.10, Open, CHV2O
- The Individual & The Economy, Gr.11, U/C CIE3M
- Making Economic Choices, Gr.11, Workplace, CIC3E
- Analysing Current Economic Issues, Gr.12, University, CIA4U
- The Americas, Gr.11, U/C, CGD3M
- Physical Geography, Gr.11, U/C, CGF3M
- Geographics, Gr.11, Workplace, CGT3E
- Regional Gegraphy, Gr.11, Open, CGG3O
- Canadian & World Issues, Gr. 12, University, CGW4U
- World Geography, Gr.12, University, CGU4U
- The Environment & Resource Management, Gr.12, U/C, CGR4M
- Geomatics, Gr.12, U/C, CGO4M
- World Geography, Gr.12, College, CGU4C
- The Environment & Resource Management, Gr.12, Workplace, CGR4E
- Canadian History, Gr.10, Academic, CHC2D
- Canadian History, Gr.10, Applied, CHC2P
- American History, Gr.11, University CHA3U
- World History, Gr.11, University, CHW3M
- Canadian History, Gr.11, College, CHH3C
- Canadian History, Gr.11, Workplace, CHH3E
- Twentieth Century History, Gr.11, Open, CHT3O
- Canada, Gr.12, University, CHI4U
- World History, Gr.12, University, CHY4U
- World History, Gr.12, College, CHY4C
- Adventures in History, Gr.12, Workplace, CHM4E
- Understanding Canadian Law, Gr. 11, U/C, CLU3M
- Understanding Canadian Law, Gr. 11, Workplace, CLU3E
- Canadian & International Law, Gr.12, University, CLN4U
- Canadian Politics and Citizenship, Gr.11, Open, CPC3O
- Canadian & World Politics, Gr.12, University, CPW4U

Classical Studies and International Languages
- Open Level 2 German, LWABO
- Academic Level 2 German, LWABD
- Open Level 2 Spanish, LWEBO
- Academic Level 2 Spanish, LWEBD
- University Level 3 Spanish, LWS3U
- University Level 4 Spanish, LWS 4U

- Academic English, Gr. 10, ENG2D
- Applied English, Gr. 10, ENG2P
- English, Gr.11, University, ENG3U
- English, Gr.11, College, ENG3C
- English, Gr.11, Workplace, ENG3E
- English, Gr.12, University, ENG4U
- English, Gr.12, College, ENG4C
- English, Gr.12, Workplace, ENG4E
- Canadian Literature, Gr.11, U/C, ETC3M
- Literacy Skills, Gr.11, Open, ELS3O
- Media Studies, Gr.11, Open, EMS3O
- Presentation & Speaking Skills, Gr.11, Open, EPS3O
- Studies in Literature, Gr.12, University, ETS4U
- Writer’s Craft, Gr.12, University, EWC4U
- Studies in Literature, Gr.12, College, ETS4C
- Writer’s Craft, Gr.12, College EWC4C
- Communication in Business & Technology, Gr.12, Open, EBT4O

French as a Second Language
- Academic Core French, FSF2D
- Applied Core French, FSF2P
- Core French, Gr.11, University, FSF3U
- Core French, Gr.11, Open, FSF3O
- Core French, Gr.12, University, FSF4U
- Core French, Gr.12, Open, FSF4O
- Academic Extended French, FEF2D
- Extended French, Gr.11, University, FEF3U
- Extended French, Gr.12, University, FEF4U
- French Immersion, Gr.10, Academic, FIF2D
- French Immersion, Gr.11, University FIF3U
- French Immersion, Gr.12, University, FIF4U

Guidance and Career Education
- Career Studies, Open, GLC2O
- Designing Your Future, Gr.11, Open, GWL3O
- Leadership & Peer Support, Gr.11, Open GPP3O
- Advanced learning Strategies, Gr.12, Open, GLS4O/GLE4O/GLE3O

Health and Physical Education
- Healthy Active Living Ed, Open, Gr.10, PPL2O
- Healthy Active Living Ed, Gr.11, Open PPL3O
- Health For Life, Gr.11, Open, PPZ3O
- Healthy Active Living Ed, Gr.12, Open, PPL4O
- Exercise Science, Gr.12, University, PSE4U
- Recreation & Leadership, Gr.12, College, PLF4C

- Principles of Math, Gr.10, Academic, MPM2D
- Foundations of Math, Gr.10, Applied, MFM2P
- Functions & Relations, Gr.11, University, MCR3U
- Functions, Gr.11, U/C, MCF3M
- Personal Finance, Gr.11, College, MBF3C
- Math for Everyday Life, Gr.11, Workplace, MEL3E
- Advanced Functions & Calculus, Gr.12, University, MCB4U
- Geometry & Discrete Math, Gr.12, University, MGA4U
- Data Management, Gr.12, University, MDM4U
- College & Apprenticeship Math, Gr.12, College, MAP4C
- Math for College Tech, Gr.12, College, MCT4C
- Math For Everyday Life, Gr.12, Workplace, MEL4E

Native Languages
- Native Languages, Level 1, Open, LNOAO
- Native Languages, Level 2, Open, LNOBO

- Science, Gr.10, Academic, SNC2D
- Science, Gr.10, Applied, SNC2P
- Biology, Gr.11, University, SBI3U
- Biology, Gr.11, College, SBI3C
- Biology, Gr.12, University, SBI4U
- Chemistry, Gr.11, University SCH3U
- Chemistry, Gr.12 University,SCH4U
- Chemistry, Gr.12 College, SCH4C
- Earth & Space, Gr.12 University SES4U
- Physics, Gr.11, University, SPH3U
- Physics, Gr.12, University, SPH4U
- Physics, Gr.12, College, SPH4C
- Science, Gr.11, U/C, SNC3M
- Science, Gr.11, Workplace, SNC3E
- Science, Gr.12, U/C, SNC4M
- Science, Gr.12, Workplace, SNC4E

Social Sciences and Humanities
- Food & Nutrition, Open, HFN2O
- Ind. & Family Living, Gr.10, Open HIF2O
- Living & Working with Children, Gr.11, College, HPW3C
- Managing Personal & Family Resources, Gr.11, College, HIR3C
- Managing Personal Resources, Gr.11, Workplace, HIP3E
- Fashion & Creative Expression, Gr.11, Open, HNC3O
- Living Spaces & Shelter, Gr.11, Open, HLS3O
- Parenting, Gr.11, Open, HPC3O
- Food & Nutrition Sciences, Gr.12, U/C, HFA4M
- Ind. & Families in a Diverse Society, Gr.12, U/C, HHS4M
- Issues in Human Growth & Dev., Gr.12, U/C, HHG4M
- Parenting & Human Development, Gr.12, Workplace, HPD4E
- The Fashion Industry, Gr.12, Open, HNB4O
- Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology, Gr.11, U/C, HSP3M
- Philosophy, Gr.11, Open, HZB3O
- World Religions, Gr.11, U/C, HRT3M

Technological Education
- Communications Technology, Gr.10,Open, TGJ2O
- Communications Technology, Gr.11, U/C, TGJ3M
- Communications Technology, Gr.11, Workplace, TGJ3E
- Communications Technology, Gr.12, U/C, TGJ4M
- Communications Technology, Gr.12, Workplace, TGJ4E
- Construction Technology, Gr.10, Open, TCJ2O
- Construction Technology, Gr.11, College, TCJ3C
- Construction Technology, Gr.11, Workplace, TCJ3E
- Construction Technology, Gr.12, College, TCJ4C
- Construction Technology, Gr.12, Workplace, TCJ4E
- Health & Personal Services Tech, Gr.10, Open, TPJ2O
- Health Care, Gr.11, College, TPA3C
- Hairstyling & Aesthetics, Gr.11, Workplace, TPE3E
- Child Development & Gerontology, Gr.12, College, TPO4C
- Medical Technologies, Gr.12, College, TPT4C
- Hairstyling & Aesthetics, Gr.12, Workplace, TPE4E
- Hospitality & Tourism, Gr.10, Open, TFJ2O
- Hospitality, Gr.11, College, TFT3C
- Hospitality & Tourism, Gr.11, Workplace, TFH3E
- Tourism, Gr.12, College, TFS4C
- Hospitality & Tourism, Gr.12, Workplace, TFH4E
- Manufacturing Technology, Gr.10, Open, TMJ2O
- Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Gr.11, College, TMJ3C
- Manufacturing Technology, Gr.11, Workplace, TMJ3E
- Manufacturing Technology, Gr.12, College, TMJ4C
- Manufacturing Technology, Gr.12, Workplace, TMJ4E
- Technological Design, Gr.10, Open, TDJ2O
- Technological Design, Gr.11, U/C, TDJ3M
- Technological Design, Gr.11, Workplace, TDJ3E
- Technological Design, Gr.12, U/C, TDJ4M
- Technological Design, Gr.12, Workplace, TDJ4E
- Transportation Technology, Gr.10, Open, TTJ2O
- Transportation Technology, Gr.11, College, TTJ3C
- Transportation Technology, Gr.11, Workplace, TTJ3E
- Transportation Technology, Gr.12, College, TTJ4C
- Transportation Technology, Gr.12, Workplace, TTJ4E
- Computer & Info Science, Gr.10, Open, TIK2O
- Computer & Info Science, Gr.11, U/C, ICS3M
- Computer & Info Science, Gr.12, U/C, ICS4M
- Computer Engineering, Gr.10, Open, TEE2O
- Computer Engineering, Gr.11, U/C, ICE3M
- Computer Engineering,Gr.11, Workplace, ICE3E
- Computer Engineering, Gr.12, U/C, ICE4M
- Computer Engineering, Gr.12, Workplace, ICE4E

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