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Special Education/Learning Services
Special Education/Learning Services - Student Support Personnel
(519) 363-2014 [Telephone]
(519) 370-2913 [Fax]
Wendy Kolohon, Superintendent of Education
Darlene Thomson, Executive Assistant
Lisa Emke, Learning Services Administrator
Nancy Becker, Learning Services Assistant
Miranda Keeling, Learning Services Assistant

Behaviour Expertise Professional
Deborah Richardson

Structured Learning School Support Teacher
Karissa Clark

Psychology Staff
Jenny Cardwell
Carolyn Di Adamo
Leslie Hastie
Tracy MacGregor
Nancy Rowney

Speech-Language Pathologists:
Lauren Brett
Linda Law
Valerie Morano
Kathleen Murphy
Jenna Weber                                                                        
Donna Morrison (Specialized Equipment Focus)

System Special Education Lead Teachers:
Krista Johnson                                           
Bruce Rowney
Claire Wettlaufer

ESL/ELD Lead Teacher
Avis Dalgarno

Specialized Equipment & Technology Assistants
Lee Cardwell
Pam Neukom
Crystal Stobbe

Specialized Technology & Learning Teacher
Michelle Stephen

Teacher of the Blind/Low Vision:
Laurie Linseman

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing:
Tori Wilkin

System Special Education Instructional Lead Teacher:
Tawnya Schlosser

Vision and Hearing Student Support
Myra Wiseman

CTCC Programs:

Bluewater Youth Centre
Lana Duncan, Teacher

Sick Kids Centre for Community Mental Health
Brandy Grafton, Teacher
Kendra Slee, Teacher

Pine Hill Youth Residence
Tim Woods, Teacher   

Keystone Child, Youth and
          Family Services-Residence
David White, Teacher

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