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Student Success
Transitions and Link Crew
The transition into secondary school is a challenging period for most youth. The Student Success Program has developed certain initiatives that help facilitate the adjustment from elementary to secondary schools.


For a detailed timeline showing the responsibilities of elementary and secondary schools throughout the school year, please click on the attachment.
The Elementary Transition Teachers provide support in conjunction with the Secondary Student Success Contact Teachers to help students with the transition into secondary school. Here is a list of all the JK-8 schools.

2015-2016 Elementary Transition Teachers

Elementary Schools
Patti Hellyer
Kris Seaman
Kay Fawcett
Greg Fullerton
Pam Mielhausen
Paul Bolton
Shannon Logie
Andrew Warwick
Curtis Coyne
Dori Thorne / Shanda Wilson / Mitchell Trudell
Staci Marck
John Routenburg
Kim Harbinson
Breanna Myles
Lori Templeton
Tessa Cremasco
Tim Noxel
Scott Sheppard
Tim Hopkins
Dean Shannon
Dan Russell
Dana Mogk
Tracy Napper-Sharpe
Margie Watke / Alyssa Ruttan / Rachel Kery
Burke Mason
Kevin Holgate
Carolynn Dyer
Monte Rigney
Adam Gelmon
Robin Taylor
Donna Farrow
Jason Gallagher
Keith Lefebvre
Chris Koeslag
Liz MacPherson
Brent Urie
Mary-Martha Uttley-Shaw
Mark Kolohon
LeeAnne Maki
Laura Gilkinson
Robert Stevens
Jill Nebb
Monica Ramakers
Eron Strong
Tammy Smith
Hugh Morrison
Bonnie Kirkland-Landry
Bill Colley
Ted Voelker
Brad Clarke
Martha Barrett
Matthew Muma
Todd Wainwright
Kim Lake
Deborah Rayner
Sue Jacobi
Graham Martin
Barb Grubb
Mike Bennett
Jennifer Stocovaz
Janice Nicholls
Amy Stephen
Karen Spragg
Michelle Gallagher
Sarah Slater
John Mason / Woodie Brown

Link Crew

Link Crew is a program from the Boomerang Project. The program links new Grade 9 students with senior high school student mentors. In Bluewater, the first day of high school is for Grade 9 students and their senior mentors only. The day begins with an orientation assembly and culture building activities. There are additional activities throughout the school year to support exam preparation, academics and team building among all students.

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