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Student Success
Differentiated Instruction

Student Profile Template

Student Profile

Name:                                                                         Age:
Grade/Course:                                                           Credits Accumulated:  
Sources of Information:
(Identify sources of information and assessments to be conducted.  Check box and note date when source has been reviewed or a new assessment completed.)

  • Preview of OSR, including current and previews report cards __________
  • Consultation with parents _________
  • Consultation with previous teachers ______
  • Consultation with support team _______
  • Classroom observation checklist ______
  • Educational assessment (e.g.,  pretests related to particular curriculum expectations) _______
  • Interest and/or learning style inventory ______
  • Work samples, assignments, projects ______
  • Portfolios ______
  • Teacher-student conferences ______
  • Peer and self-assessment ______
  • Other (specify) _____
Findings for Information Sources and Assessments—Strengths and Areas of Need
Current achievement levels, learning skills/work habits and readiness to learn
Learning styles/preferences and needs, interests, social/emotional strength and needs
Other relevant information

Assessment and Instruction
Considerations for Instructional Strategies
Considerations for Assessments
Available Resources and Supports

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