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Accessibility Feedback
OnLine Feedback Form
Bluewater District School Board accessibility standards for customer service aim to minimize or, where possible, eliminate any barriers that prevent individuals from fully accessing our facilities, opportunities that we offer and services we provide.

By filling out the Feedback Form you are not only providing us with the information necessary to resolve any specific issues you  may have, but also providing invaluable information to help us improve our system for the Bluewater community as a whole.  

Copies of these forms are available at all Bluewater District School Board facilities and any staff member would be happy to assist you in completing it if necessary.

If you have any questions please contact:
Cynthia Lemon, Executive Officer Human Resources Services
Telephone:      519-363-2014

Bluewater District School Board Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Feedback Form

Click on the image for the online Feedback Form:           Graphic representing a wheelchair as the "international symbol of access"
Personal information on the Feedback Form is collected under the authority of the Education Act, and will be used to resolve accessibility issues. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Superintendent responsible for AODA in the Bluewater District School Board Education Centre. PO BOX 190, 351 1st Ave. North Chesley, ON NOG 1L0 (519-363-2014)

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