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    Welcome to 2020 Summer School


Summer School 2020

Grade 9 - Grade 12  

Secondary Program Information


Text Box: Summer School Program Dates

July 2 to July 16, 2020:  (Session 1)
Grade 10 (.5 new credit) Civics
Grade 9 -12 Credit Recovery 
Grade 9 Math transfer course

July 20 to August 4, 2020:  (Session 2) 
Grade 10 (.5 new credit) Careers
Grade 9 -12 Credit Recovery 

July 2 to July 31, 2020 
Grade 9 to 12 new credit

Pick the course right for you!

Credit Recovery Course:

· For students who received 40% or higher but did not earn a credit (limit of two credit recovery courses per summer)

New Credit Course:

· For students who have not previously taken the course, who earned a mark less than 40%,                                  or who wish to improve their mark

Math Transfer Course:

· For students who wish to move from Grade 9 Applied to Grade 10 Academic

Register or get additional information

 Hold ‘control’, click on the link to connect with your school guidance teacher or summer school staff:

             BWDSB Summer School                          BWDSB Summer School- non BWDSB students

    (Currently attending a BWDSB location)                    (Non BWDSB Students and out of district students)               519-363-2014 ext. 2169



More flexibility to earn credits!

· Online Learning in the Virtual Learning Environment (vLE)         allows students to study from the comfort of home, outside      of regular school hours (reliable internet connection and      technology required)

· Online learning flexibility allows students to maintain summer employment and earn academic credits

· Reach ahead and earn a summer school credit to ease your timetable, allowing flexibility for athletics, French Immersion, and school activities

eLearning (session 1 starting July 2, 2020)  

        Delivered through the Ontario Virtual Learning Environment (vLE) by BWDSB educators

Additional Grade 11 and 12 courses are available in partnership with the Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC)


Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

ENG1D English (academic)

CHC2D History (academic)

ENG3U English  (university)

CLN4U  Law (university)

ENG1P English (applied)

CHV2O Civics (open)

ENG3C English (college)

ENG4U English (university)

MPM1D Math (academic)

GLC2O Careers (open)

MBF3C Math (college)

ENG4C English (college)

MPM1H Math (transfer)

ENG2D English (academic)

MCR3U Math (university)

OLC40  Literacy Course (open)


ENG2P English (applied)

PPZ3C Health for Life (college)

MAP4C  Foundations of Math (college)


MPM2D Math (academic)

SBI3U Biology (university)

MCT4C College Tech Math (college)


MFM2P Math (applied)


MHF4U Advanced Functions (university)


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